A Queensland council has been condemned by the RSPCA for encouraging its residents to splatter cane toads with golf clubs.

Townsville City Council produced several hundred beer stubby holders carrying slogans promoting local activities including "cane toad golf", as part of a recently launched advertising campaign.

The $270,000 campaign is designed to showcase "all the great things about Townsville and the people who live here", a council spokeswoman said.

Other slogans on the beer coolers include "cold beer on a hot summer's day" and "bagging a barra" (barramundi).

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said the merchandise encourages animal cruelty.

"We just think it's sending the wrong message, particularly to young people," Mr Beatty told AAP.

"We just don't want to encourage anyone to go hitting any animal, even if it is a cane toad, with a golf club, a baseball bat, a cricket bat or any other form of blunt instrument."

Not only is clubbing toads inhumane, Mr Beatty said, it is also an ineffective way of eradicating the pests.

"Nine times out of 10 the toad gets up and hops away," he said.

"We're not being wowsers about it, it's just irresponsible."

Townsville mayor Tony Mooney said the council will look at removing the cane toad golf stubby holders from the campaign if offence is taken.

"This is a campaign that promotes the good things about Townsville and our residents," he said.

"I certainly don't want to see anything that might offend people and steps will be taken to sort it out."

The slogans were always intended to be humorous, Cr Mooney said.

"Let's not get too politically correct," he said.