The work of a stay-at-home mother has an annual monetary value of $138,095, up 3 percent from last year, according to a survey out today.

Those are some findings from the seventh annual Mom Salary Survey issued by, a Waltham compensation software and consulting firm.

If paid the salary of the equivalent work that a stay-at-home mother performs, a woman would earn $138,095, the company said.

And if a working mother regarded parenting as a second job, that second job would command an annual salary of $85,939; that's on top of the money she earns in the work place, said.

More than 80 percent of employers are actively recruiting mothers re-entering the work force, and among the reasons is that mothering hones such as work-place skills and virtues as multitasking, compassion, dependability, and people skills, said.

"Mothers are not only talented; they're experienced managers, motivators, decision makers and client specialists after spending time in both the work force and as a mother," senior vice president Bill Coleman said in a statement.