The Richmond & Twickenham Times of Surrey, England is reporting there has been a new sighting of the big black panther of the area. Called the "Beast of Bexley," the accounts of this panther have now spanned almost 20 years.

Here's an extract about the latest encounter:
Beast of Bexley may have been spotted again reportedly scaring a paddock full of horses. Neil Arnold, founder of the Kent Big Cat Research Group, said a black creature was seen around two weeks ago in Cold Blow Crescent. He thinks the animal could have been a black leopard.

An eyewitness saw all the horses in a field behind his house appearing spooked and bunching together. He then claims a big, black cat with an overly long tail appeared in the field, stopped, then turned around and walked back towards trees and bushes. The Richmond & Twickenham Times, March 19, 2007