MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An armed robbery suspect took no chances on Wednesday in allowing a victim to see his face. Oji Ngozi, charged in an October 2003 armed robbery, wore a shopping bag with two small eye holes over his head at a motion hearing Tuesday to suppress photographic evidence used in a police lineup.

His defense attorney said he was concerned that victim Rebecca Lee would see Ngozi during the hearing. He said the victim failed in the days following the robbery to identify Ngozi from a photo lineup as one of the two men who broke into her home.

Even though a sign on the courtroom door bars hats or head coverings, Judge Carolyn Blackett allowed Ngozi to don the bag and stay in the courtroom. She did not issue a ruling on Wednesday.

"It is my understanding that there was a motion to waive the defendant's presence because he was concerned that victims could identify him," prosecutor Tracye Jones said. "I did note for the record that he has a bag on his head."

Ngozi's bag drew the attention of curious onlookers who tried to catch images of him on camera phones. Ngozi's attorney declined to speak to a reporter with The Commercial Appeal afterward.

Lee testified that she remembers Ngozi clearly from the robbery in October 2003.

"I'll never forget that face," Lee testified. "I can tell you all about it."