A 54-year-old woman and her husband are advertising for an egg donor on London buses in a last-ditch attempt to try to have a baby.

Linda Weeks, from Maidstone, Kent, is spending £2,000 on the appeal, which will run for a month from 19 March.

Mrs Weeks and her husband Richard got married in 1993, and the 50 adverts include a wedding day photo.

"If we don't have any luck this time, then that will be the end for us," Mrs Weeks admitted.

Her fertility clinic in London cannot continue to treat her after the age of 55, meaning she has just over a year left to find a donor.

The advert says: "We'll never be Mummy and Daddy unless a wonderful woman aged 36 or under can help us by donating some of her eggs.

"You are our only chance of happiness," it adds.

The bus appeal follows an unsuccessful advert in Mrs Weeks' local shop last year.

She said: "I had such a happy childhood myself and all the time I was growing up I was just looking forward to the day when I would have children of my own to give a happy life to.

"This is my last chance now to hopefully make the dream come true."

The adverts will be put in buses the day before the couple's 14th wedding anniversary.

Transport for London said its advertising space had previously been used for marriage proposals and happy anniversary wishes, but never an appeal for an egg donor.