Anchorage, Alaska - It snowed all day in Anchorage Wednesday. A combination of snow, fog and ice contributed to more than 100 cars becoming stuck in ditches and snow berms across the city. The Anchorage Police Department said accidents occurred at a pace of a collision every 10 minutes today. A snow advisory remains in effect and the job of digging out is only beginning.

Midtown resident Linda Rinard just returned from vacation.

"I just flew in at 9 a.m. from Las Vegas; two weeks and sunny Las Vegas," she said.

Sherri Stein picked up Rinard from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and brought her to Stein's driveway. Rinard and Stein are among the army of folks with shovels and snow blowers digging out, but only making room for more snow to take its place. The constantly falling snow and fog make it difficult for drivers to see the road.

Some ended up stuck in a snow bank like Jennifer Alger.

"I was just driving down the road and everything all looked the same, just all white. And my tires caught the snow bank, just went right through it, so my car's completely stuck," she said.

The worst of the snow-related accidents happened on the Glenn Highway this morning. Five cars were involved in an early-morning accident that resulted in two people being taken to the hospital. Traffic was forced to reroute on the Hiland Road exit.

Some of those in the ditch say they dove for it as they tried to avoid other cars.

"I just decided to get in the ditch rather than hit them in the middle of the road," said Shannon Overstreet, who was stuck in a ditch.

Four cars mixed it up on Lake Otis Parkway, near Tudor Road. Anchorage police closed the southbound lanes for about an hour.

The only ones smiling through all of this mess were wrecker drivers, who consider all of the weather-related wrecks like these as payday.

"Unfortunate, yes, but yeah, got to pay the bills you know," said Alaska Towing and Wrecking wrecker driver Greg Head.

At Stein's driveway, the ladies make progress. But they realize once the driveway is done, it's time to contemplate the roof.

"It's kind of nice to have some on the top because it does help to insulate. But then it gets to the point where you need to take it off, and I think it's at that point," Stein said.

It's how you get through these tough weather days: one step at a time.

State workers in Anchorage went home early today and the city closed libraries and several parks and recreational facilities early at 6 p.m.

Today was a record snowfall day for the Anchorage area. The National Weather Service has recorded 9.6 inches at its forecast offices as of 5:15 p.m. However, a lot more snow has fallen in other parts of town.

The following amounts have been recorded around Anchorage over the last 24 hours, as of 5:15 p.m. today:
O'Malley and Hillside - 22.0 inches
Mid-Hillside - 17.0 inches
Upper DeArmoun - 17.0 inches
Abbott Loop Road - 15.0 inches
Glen Alps - 12.0 inches
Eagle River - 4.5 inches
So far, Anchorage has accumulated 57.60 inches of snow this winter, a new record for snowfall as of Jan. 3.
Snow advisories are in effect until 9 p.m., but the Southcentral region should be seeing an end to the snow later tonight.