Ken McElroy - the common or garden variety 'failed' psychopath
Karl Rove - The smart, professional psychopath who never gets caught

I just finished reading the book In Broad Daylight, by Harry MacLean. It is an account of a murder in Skidmore, Missouri. To sum it up in a sentence, Ken McElroy, who could be described as a child molester, rapist, wife-abuser, thief (he had no other source of income), stalker - in short, a violent psychopath - was eventually murdered by citizens of the town he terrorized, after it became clear he would never be arrested or charged for any of his crimes - his lawyer was too good, and he always managed to threaten witnesses not to testify.
"With Ken, everything was always your fault. If he shot you, and you prosecuted him for it, you were the bad guy. He would beat up Alice [his wife], beat her silly, she would complain, and then she was the bad person because she was complaining. He shifted the fault onto the victim, and then the victim became responsible for his pain." (MacLean, p.59)
This is typical psychopathic behaviour - blaming the victim for the actions of the abuser. In biblical terms, it is called scapegoating. The victim, or scapegoat, suffers for the sins of the psychopath. When stripped of its slick veneer of propaganda, Israel 's repeated offenses against the Palestinians (and Lebanese, and Egyptians, and Syrians, etc.) amount to nothing more. They mercilessly torture and slaughter the Arab population, and subsequently blame their victims for these very crimes. When an Israeli sniper shoots a Palestinian girl in the head, it is her own fault. Not only that, it is the fault of every Palestinian. Collective punishment becomes 'self-defense' in the mind of the psychopath.

Not only is the blame for their crimes shifted to an innocent party, the crimes themselves often defy normal common sense and reason. When Short Linville was asked by Romaine Henry, (whom McElroy had shot) to testify at his trial as a witness (Linville had seen McElroy driving in the direction of the victim, while McElroy later claimed to be at home), Linville said he didn't even know if the man had been shot. After being shown the wounds, Short said, "OK, now I know you been shot, but why were you shot? Nobody shoots somebody without a reason." The man replied, "Well there wasn't any reason, he (McElroy) just came up and shot me." Short thought, To hell with him. Why get into all that trouble if the man wasn't going to tell the truth? Even when berated by his friends, Short refused to testify. "If Romaine wouldn't tell him what had really happened, he wouldn't testify on his behalf." (MacLean, 113, 116)

The Zionist criminals would have use believe Osama murdered 2752 innocent Americans for a reason - they were complicit in the crimes of America and had to be killed as an example. They possessed 'freedoms' which were hedonistic and contrary to Muslim values. But what was the real reason these innocents were killed? The answer is: the same reason Ken McElroy shot Romaine Henry in the stomach and head. While it may appear that there was no logical reason (Romaine had done nothing to McElroy to deserve being shot, and perhaps none of the people killed on 9/11 had done anything personally to the real conspirators), each event served a definite purpose. For McElroy, shooting Romaine put everyone in Skidmore in such a state of fear that they were helpless to stand up for their rights. They knew McElroy could shoot a man for no reason and get away with it. For the Zionist Neocons, the purpose was the same: to scare the shit out of their own citizens and use that fear to fulfill their genocidal agenda in the Middle East . In short, it was to completely terrorize a gullible population. This is the true meaning of the "War on Terror".

Not only is there often no reasonable justification for their crimes, psychopaths are aware that normal people cannot conceive of committing so heinous a deed for 'no reason', and take full advantage of that fact. When in positions of extreme power (McElroy was a 'low-life' psychopath compared to those who run governments and intelligence agencies) pyschopaths organise the assassination of presidents; they carry out false-flag operations; they murder their own citizens. When confronted with this notion, ordinary people think, "There is no way my own government would do this. It is too brazen. Surely someone would talk, and they would be found out." But this type of thinking does not apply to psychopaths. While you or I cannot conceive of telling such a big lie, psychopaths have no regard for the long-term consequences of their actions. They do not think, But what if I get caught? They simply tell another lie, and another, and another. They do not even have to be convincing lies, to fool the ordinary citizen, it is enough that they are big and brazen. Consider the pitiful explanations given for the 'crash' scene in Pennsylvania, the 'crash' scene at the Pentagon, the spontaneous 'collapse' of the World Trade Centers, the WMD claims against Iraq and now Iran (while Israel is the only country in the Middle East to possess an entire arsenal of nuclear warheads (up to 1,500) - a fact they still refuse to admit publicly).

When the Israeli/Neoconservative factions of the Israeli and American governments planned and executed the false-flag operations of September 11, 2001, they were counting on the fact that, no matter how obvious was the evidence pointing to their guilt, normal people would not be able to fathom such murderous mendacity. Ordinary citizens would come up with excuses for the criminals without any necessary guidance. Scientists would line up to force-fit the facts to match up with the official narrative. Even though it sure looks like a 757 did not hit the Pentagon and it sure looks like WTC towers 1, 2, and 7 were professionally demolished, there must be another explanation, in their minds. So they come up with a suitably plausible lie to protect themselves from the disintegrative state of accepting an uncomfortable truth.

It is not that the idea that the true culprits were not 19 card-carrying members of Al-Qaeda, or that the towers were demolished, or that the phone-calls were faked that is unbelievable; a criminal is a criminal, no matter what country he is from. The reason the idea is so difficult to accept is one of responsibility. If Osama really did it, all the average American would have to do is support and have faith in her government to take care of business; support the troops and pray the devil is brought to justice. But who becomes responsible for 'taking care' of a government that is packed with corrupt, lying, murderous psychopaths? Who investigates the criminals when they are the very men and women who would be chosen to lead the investigation?

To the average American, denial of uncomfortable truths thus takes priority over actually having to overcome apathy and laziness. This denial is accompanied by a comfortable belief that no normal person would have the audacity to commit such a crime in broad daylight. The fact is, they did do it - in broad daylight - with shocked looks on their faces, all-the-while knowing that few would even question the fairy-tale they fobbed off on us as the 'truth'.

This is because psychopaths have a great understanding of the way normal people think, and they know what they can get away with. The owners of a local store in Skidmore [Bo & Lois Bowenkamp] were harassed by McElroy after McElroy's daughter accused the store owner's employee of calling one of McElroy's daughter a thief. McElroy's daughter had fabricated the story, but this did not matter. After refusing McElroy's offer to fight his wife for cash, and being stalked by him at her home, Lois "was beginning to understand that, as far as the law was concerned, she and Bo [her husband] would be left to deal with Ken McElroy by themselves. She was also developing a bitter appreciation of McElroy's cunning. He is smart, she thought. He knows just what he can get away with" (MacLean, 146). With anyone else, the police would have given Mc Elroy a warning to stay away from Lois and Bo. There were numerous laws that McElroy had broken, but McElroy was left free to continue harassing, threatening, and stalking the townspeople.

In the same way, Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Zakheim, Rice and the whole sick gang know what they can get away with. They know that with minimal effort they can silence witnesses, have whistle-blowers murdered, buy judges and various 'experts', investigate their own crimes (e.g. the whitewash 9/11 Commission), and get people to believe their ridiculous stories.

"Stratton [the only cop McElroy feared] couldn't account for his immunity from the law [McElroy won several dozen court cases for felonies for which he was undoubtedly guilty]; he came to believe that McElroy either got to the prosecutors, the judges, or the witnesses." (McLean, 163) After shooting Bo Bowenkamp in the neck (a crime for which he was eventually found guilty, although he served no time), McElroy was pulled over by Stratton. When told about the shooting, McElroy said, "I ain't shot nobody." Trena, his wife, added, "He was home with me. All night. He didn't go anywhere." (MacLean, 168)

Not only can psychopaths lie with a completely straight face, the have a group of spellbound followers who are fully willing to lie for them. McElroy's wives would do anything to cover up for their husband. Likewise, the criminals responsible for 9/11 have a network of complicit liars, dupes, and half-wits who will energetically proclaim their innocence. Academia, the mass-media, the intelligence agencies, the military are all full of such types. Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Colmes, Alan Dershowitz, various terrorism 'experts' and career military men. The list is endless.
"[If] McElroy's actions were methodical, his crime was crazy. Bo was not some lowlife who had provoked McElroy by slurring a member of his family in the tavern. Bo was a nice old man who had never met Ken McElroy until the confrontation in the grocery store and, even then, he had had nothing to do with the little girl and the candy. The arbitrariness of the attack was frightening. If it could happen to Bo, it could happen to you, or your brother, or your daughter." (MacLean, 174)
It was only after one man took a stand against McElroy's bullying, and refused to accept his terror tactics, that the town realized something could be done. The agreed to stand together, keep a close eye on McElroy, and notify each other on his whereabouts. They refused to be terrorized any longer. Perhaps it was too late for this reasonable approach. The day after this decision, three young men decided it was not enough, and shot McElroy in the head.

There is a war on terror being fought as we speak. The normal people of the world are fighting the terror of their respective psychopathic leaders. Which side are you on?

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