Sure, it was a giant humongous image of Mr. P-Niss-those crazy, lovable Brits-but what next? The Moonie wire service:

STOCKTON-ON-TEES, England, Dec. 13 (UPI) - Pranksters drew a willy on the roof of a top British prep school that was so big it could be seen from space - and, in fact, was found on Google Earth.
Excellent! Clearly these British lads have no soy in their diet!
A couple of former students from the Yarm School in Stockton-on-Tees - an elite school whose tuition is $5,700 a term - "hopped over the school fence on a weekend and went unnoticed by guards," a former student told London's Sun newspaper.

"They managed to get on the roof of the Friary building and somehow mark on the willy," the student continued. "They also burnt a manhood into the grass."

The shape on the roof has been scrubbed off, but it could still be seen on Google Wednesday.

"If users spot something offensive, we would consider having it removed," Google said.
First, they airbrush Cheney's bunker, now, they'll do the same for "willies" and "manhoods"-what next?


Suppose somebody stamps a huge defaced cross into a snow field, somewhere up in the frozen north, and the Christianist "War on Christmas" loons go nuts. Will Google "consider" censoring this image?

What about Chinese characters that the Chinese government might not like?

What about "Fuck Bush"?

Where does Google's "consideration" stop?