Bhopal: Superstitious villagers in Madhya Pradesh have started drinking water from a 'miracle tree' in order to get rid of their ailments.

An old peepul tree standing tall in the Sonagiri locality has become the centre of attraction for villagers.

"Water is coming out of this Peepul tree. People are coming and drinking it. It is magic. Those who suffer from stomach ache are being cured. People are also getting rid of their drinking habits. It is miraculous," said Preeti, a resident.

"Everyone drinking this water has experienced relief. Whether one is unwell or a drunkard or has some other problem, this water is providing relief. Even, the one who does not have work, he starts getting it after drinking this", claimed Puranlal Patel.

Most of parts of the country are steeped in superstition with thousands choosing the so-called miracle trees, wells or even graveyards.