Kathmandu: After a kid who sat in mediation in the same posture without food or drink for months and a child who measured only 20 inches grabbed headlines, Nepal has now found a new teen prodigy - a girl who "grows glass".

Sarita Bista, a fifth grader in Tikapur town in western Nepal, has been "generating" glass pieces from her head for the last eight months, says Nepal's official media.

Glass shards, nearly 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inch wide, have been coming out of her forehead since January, her mother Dhansara Bista told the Rising Nepal daily.

The phenomenon started when Sarita fainted one day after which she began to bleed from the forehead and a sliver of glass came out. However, the wound healed soon after that, leaving no scars.

When the puzzled youngster told her mother, Dhansara said she did not believe the story at first. But since then, nearly 100 slivers have come out.

Sarita said she felt no pain. According to her family, both her physical and mental conditions are normal.

The daily said Sarita's schoolteachers were aware of the extraordinary feat.

Chakra Prasad Adhikari, a teacher at the Trinity English Boarding School, told the daily they had noticed the phenomenon about four months ago but had kept it a secret on being requested by the girl's family.

There have been no attempts by rationalists or scientists to explore the phenomenon and prove its veracity, let alone find a reason if it was true.

Nepal also suffers from a high incidence of superstition.

A large number of the population still believes in witches, divine cures and supernatural manifestations.