The German Intelligence Agency (BND) provided German passports to agents of the Israeli secret intelligence service, or MOSSAD, to facilitate operations the Middle East, reporters alleged.

The allegations raised by a former BND official found their way into the German newspaper Koelner Stadtanzieger and the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post, and imply that MOSSAD agents are disguising themselves as German citizens in order to perform their "sensitive" tasks in the Middle East.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a news story from Koelner Stadtanzieger arguing that one of those sensitive tasks may be to “prepare for possible air strikes on Iran.” Given the case, it is a possibility that MOSSAD agents have leaked into Iran somehow.

The Israeli administration cannot be kept from engaging in the nuclear crisis with Iran, said the BND official, emphasizing “the gradual increase in the number of MOSSAD agents with a German passport.”

Most of the passports granted to Israeli agents actually belong to German citizens who cannot possibly leave European Union (EU) countries, thus they will not discover that their passports are being misused, the same official added.

German intelligence is not in a position to specify how such papers are used as passports. Israeli agents used passports originating from New Zealand and Canada while carrying out operations in “enemy lands” in the 1990s, according to the Jerusalem Post; however, when this was found out, German passports became popular with Israeli agents. MOSSAD also used identity details of the deceased, the BND official added.