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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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Dangerous Precedent: NZ court orders baby removed from "anti-vax" parents

Baby Will Protesters
© Off-Guardian
A court in New Zealand has awarded temporary custody of a baby to medical professionals, after the parents insisted their child be given only unvaccinated blood transfusions during surgery.

CNN reports:
A critically-ill six-month-old baby will be placed under the temporary guardianship of New Zealand's High Court after his parents refused to allow him to undergo lifesaving heart surgery using blood from people vaccinated against Covid-19 [...] The baby's parents believed there were "spike proteins in the blood of people who have been vaccinated and that these proteins were causing unexpected deaths relating to transfusions," according to the judgment.
The key detail here is that the parents have not, in any way, refused their child medical care - the usual prerequisite for this kind of court order. They want their son to have the surgery, they are simply setting reasonable terms.

Now, whether or not the parents are correct and spike proteins do pose a threat, they have every right to try and do the best for their child as they see fit.

To any pro "vaccine" people out there who are not OK with this, answer this simple question: What if parents of a vaccinated child had specifically requested vaccinated blood transfusions, and the court had removed the baby and injected it with unvaccinated blood...would that be OK?

I'm guessing not. And the principle is clearly the same.

This isn't about the health of the baby, obviously. After all, literally ALL of the blood in its body is already unvaccinated. If that were the issue, the court could have ordered he be vaccinated.

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The Bleatings Will Continue

© The Good Citizen
The time has come.

To bid adieu to the current meadow and search for greener pastures, preferably without the green of global technocracy or sustainable greed, and maybe if Hungary or Croatia or Serbia or Mexico stay true to their people there might still be a corner of this world to live somewhat free from the living hell they've just conjured up at the G20.

Did you see the unelected Technetronic pork head Klitz Schlub with all his western eunuchs in one room dressed like Balinese tea boys?

Vaccine passports for international travel, globally coordinated to arrive with the next pandemic?

The one Gates has been warning us about. The one Biden accidentally let slip when he went off his doggy direction cue cards and said "we have to prepare for the next one. Sit down. Wait your turn."

And when does the G180 get its say?

They're telling us another fake pandemic is coming and all their tyrannies are agreed-upon, prepacked, and just waiting to enslave the masses and yet still there hasn't been a single assassination attempt on any of these fuckers?

Not a day goes by when this question doesn't boggle my little sheep's mind.

It must be the vanishing jizzum counts and disappearing testosterone.

We are not far off from a time when men will exist in history books only.

Long live men.


Possible Ebola case being investigated in UK

Ebola Uganda
© Abubaker Lubowa/REUTERS
An Ebola awareness messsage on the side of a van in Uganda, which is battling an outbreak of the disease
Health officials are investigating a potential Ebola case in Colchester, after a patient with suspected symptoms returned to Britain from Africa, where a strain of the deadly virus is circulating in Uganda.

On Wednesday, part of Colchester Hospital in Essex was closed to new patients amid concerns that a patient with a travel history to Africa was developing early symptoms of Ebola, a deadly hemorrhagic fever.

The Telegraph understands that officials at the UK Health Security Agency are testing the patient for a range of diseases as part of routine infection control protocol that kicks in when suspected cases emerge in travellers.

Comment: See also:


More 'sudden heart attacks' ...with a 'climate change' twist

Heart Attacks
© Off-Guardian
Anyone following the news cycle since the Covid "vaccines" rolled out has seen a simply remarkable uptick in the number of things that can reportedly cause sudden strokes or heart attacks.

Cold weather, hot weather, depression, various food, long covid AND short covid, new magical chemicals just found in the atmosphere, "post-pandemic stress disorder", undiagnosed aortic stenosis and expensive electricity.

That's not even an exhaustive list, it just goes on and on and on.

...and now we can add pollution to the rogues gallery, according to this piece from Science Alert, which headlines:
Tiny Particles in The Air May Trigger Sudden Heart Attacks, Study Suggests
On a similar theme, the Daily Mail headlined yesterday:
America's growing wildfire crisis could lead to a wave of heart attacks, lung disease and cancer diagnoses years down the line, scientists warn
Now, we don't need to break down these articles piece by piece, it's perfectly apparent what's happening here.

The Covid vaccines are either causing more heart attacks, or the people in charge are aware they might, and are prepping fall-back stories accordingly.


The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)

The Road to Totalitarianism
© CJ Hopkins / Substack
It feels like it's finally over, doesn't it, the whole "apocalyptic pandemic" thing? I mean, really, really over this time. Not like all those other times when you thought it was over, but it wasn't over, and was like the end of those Alien movies, where it seems like Ripley has finally escaped, but the alien is hiding out in the shuttle, or the escape pod, or Ripley's intestinal tract.

But this time doesn't feel like that. This time it feels like it's really, really over. Go out and take a look around. Hardly anyone is wearing masks anymore (except where masks are mandatory) or being coerced into submitting to "vaccinations" (except where "vaccination" is mandatory), and the hordes of hate-drunk New Normal fanatics who demanded that "the Unvaccinated" be segregated, censored, fired from their jobs, and otherwise demonized and persecuted, have all fallen silent (except for those who haven't).

Everything is back to normal, right?

Wrong. Everything is not back to normal. Everything is absolutely New Normal. What is over is the "shock-and-awe" phase, which was never meant to go on forever. It was always only meant to get us here.

Where, you're probably asking, is "here"? "Here" is a place where the new official ideology has been firmly established as our new "reality," woven into the fabric of normal everyday life. No, not everywhere, just everywhere that matters. (Do you really think the global-capitalist ruling classes care what people in Lakeland, Florida, Elk River, Idaho, or some village in Sicily believe about "reality"?) Yes, most government restrictions have been lifted, mainly because they are no longer necessary, but in centers of power throughout the West, in political, corporate, and cultural spheres, in academia, the mainstream media, and so on, the New Normal has become "reality," or, in other words, "just the way it is," which is the ultimate goal of every ideology.


'Pandemic Amnesty'? It's just more narrative reinforcement

Pandemic Amnesty
© Off-Guardian
Afew days ago, on Halloween, the Atlantic ran this opinion piece by economist Emily Oster, headlined:
This along, along with the sub-head...
We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.
...have been doing the rounds on the internet.

The general perception has been that it is some kind of admission of defeat, perhaps a recognition that the "pandemic" was not real, and that those pushing the narrative had been in the wrong; a genuine plea for understanding or forgiveness.

But while the headline may appear to be suggesting that - and, indeed, was perhaps chosen carefully to create that impression - it's actually nothing of the kind.

It's not an apology, a backwards step or segue to our old pre-Covid reality.

It's just more narrative reinforcement.

We've seen it all before.

In February this year, the Guardian ran an article supposedly about "scientists admitting their mistakes" over "covid".

And what do you think those "mistakes" were?

Selling out and caving in and going along with the mass deployment of a potentially deadly and totally unnecessary "experimental" vax?


Israel's secret, illegal biological war against Arabs

For decades the use of banned biological weapons during the Nakba was kept hidden in Israel's archives. Recent discoveries have shed light not only on this Zionist war crime, but also the sinister motive behind it.

Bio Warfare against Arabs
© The Cradle
In September, a highly revealing academic paper was published exposing the details of a previously hidden operation by Zionist militias during the 1948 Nakba (or "Catastrophe"), in which chemical and biological weapons were used to poison Palestinians, intervening Arab armies, and the citizens of neighboring states with typhoid, dysentery, malaria, and other diseases.

Working by stealth, Zionist militants poured vast quantities of infectious bacteria into wells and aqueducts providing villages, towns, and cities with water, in direct violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which strictly prohibits "the use of bacteriological methods of warfare."

The local epidemics created by this man-made disaster greatly assisted the forcible conquest of Palestinian territory by armed Jewish militias with their capture made permanent, while hindering the progress of advancing Arab armies.

Biological warfare and the founding of Israel

The 1948 War has been well-studied, and its impact, chiefly the permanent displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Nakba still reverberates today. Yet, understanding of the conflict has hitherto been incomplete.

Aside from opaque references to the biological warfare campaign in the diaries and autobiographies of Zionist leaders and militants from that era, and a 2003 academic article, the use of these illegal substances has never previously been revealed.

In an ironic twist of fate, the Zionist biological blitzkrieg was suppressed so successfully that numerous highly incriminating documents referring to the operation's name - "Cast Thy Bread," a Biblical quote from Ecclesiastes 11:1, in which Jews are directed to "cast thy bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again" - slipped past government censors unexpurgated.

Evidently, even they were unaware of this war crime which followed the chemical extermination of millions of Jews, which says a lot.

It turned out that this gap in the historical record was both created and maintained intentionally. As the paper notes, a reference was made in the diaries of Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion two days before war broke out on 15 May, 1948 to a Zionist militant recently spending several thousand dollars on "biological materials." However, this was censored by the Defense Ministry Press when the volumes were published in 1982.


'Experts' now admit you will NEVER be 'fully vaccinated'

Fully Vaxxed
© Off-Guardian
We at OffG - and many of our fellow alt media sites - have been reporting for over a year now that the Covid "vaccination" campaign will never end.

In short, you will NEVER be "fully vaccinated".

That much was obvious once health institutions around the world started "updating" their definition of the term.

Israel. America. Britain. New Zealand. Australia...they all did it, and it came as no surprise.

From the beginning, the "pandemic" has been created, policed, enforced and perpetuated through nothing but rhetorical tricks and manipulative language. News names for old things. New definitions for old words.

"Covid" has always been nothing but a pandemic of terminology. The fluid nature of "fully vaccinated" is just another example.

It has already ballooned from "double-jabbed" to "boosted" and "double-boosted", and with new "vaccines" expected for all the variants, it doesn't look like any end is on the horizon.

As I said, you'll never really be "fully vaccinated"...and now they're admitting it.

In yet another attempt at control through language manipulation, there's a push on to completely scrub the term "fully vaccinated" from the Covid discourse.


The Gaslighting of the Masses

All seeing Eye
© cjhopkins.substack.com
For students of official propaganda, mind control, emotional coercion, and other insidious manipulation techniques, the rollout of the New Normal has been a bonanza. Never before have we been able to observe the application and effects of these powerful technologies in real-time on such a massive scale.

In a little over two and a half years, our collective "reality" has been radically revised. Our societies have been radically restructured. Millions (probably billions) of people have been systematically conditioned to believe a variety of patently ridiculous assertions, assertions based on absolutely nothing, repeatedly disproved by widely available evidence, but which have nevertheless attained the status of facts. An entire fictitious history has been written based on those baseless and ridiculous assertions. It will not be unwritten easily or quickly.

I am not going to waste your time debunking those assertions. They have been repeatedly, exhaustively debunked. You know what they are and you either believe them or you don't. Either way, reviewing and debunking them again isn't going to change a thing.

Instead, I want to focus on one particularly effective mind-control technology, one that has done a lot of heavy lifting throughout the implementation of the New Normal and is doing a lot of heavy-lifting currently. I want to do that because many people mistakenly believe that mind-control is either (a) a "conspiracy theory" or (b) something that can only be achieved with drugs, microwaves, surgery, torture, or some other invasive physical means. Of course, there is a vast and well-documented history of the use of such invasive physical technologies (see, e.g., the history of the CIA's infamous MKULTRA program), but in many instances mind-control can be achieved through much less elaborate techniques.


'Unprecedented bird flu epidemic could presage year-round outbreak', warns bird charity

dead bird
ABOVE: A dead northern gannet (Morus bassanus) on a beach in Quebec's Magdalen Islands, likely a victim of the current bird flu epidemic
Nearly 50 million birds have been culled amid efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, which continues to ravage the Northern Hemisphere.

A highly pathogenic strain of H5N1 influenza, also known as avian flu, that plagued Europe and North America all summer shows no signs of relenting, officials warn. More than 2,600 outbreaks have been reported among domesticated flocks, as well as more than 3,500 cases in wild birds from 37 European countries, according to the latest overview of the epidemic from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

"I'm a scientist by training, and like all scientists, I'm used to taking a measured approach and don't take the language I use lightly," Jeff Knott, director of policy for the UK conservation charity, the RSPB, tells National Geographic. "But the severity of the situation and scale of the impact is unprecedented and very, very scary. It's a huge crisis that could turn into a catastrophe unless we get ahead of it."

Comment: Whilst it may be true that incidents of bird flu outbreaks may be on the rise - and in no small part thanks to factory farming practices that slowly destroy the health of livestock - it's also true that at least some of these declared outbreaks seem to serve another agenda, which is to cause deadly disruptions to the food supply: