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Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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US officials: Anxiety drove vaccine reactions in 5 states

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© Slate/Yarygin/iStock/Getty Images Plus
It was anxiety — and not a problem with the shotsthat caused fainting, dizziness and other short-term reactions in dozens of people at coronavirus vaccine clinics in five states, U.S. health officials have concluded.

Experts say the clusters detailed Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are an example of a phenomenon that's been chronicled for decades from a variety of different vaccines. Basically, some people get so freaked out by injections that their anxiety spurs a physical reaction.

"We knew we were going to see this" as mass COVID-19 vaccine clinics were set up around the world, said Dr. Noni MacDonald, a Canadian researcher who has studied similar incidents.

The CDC authors said the reports came in over three days, April 7 to 9, from clinics in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina. The investigation was based on interviews with, and reports by, clinic staff.

Comment: Is it mind over matter or matter over mind? Perhaps not all these folks are wussies. One thing is certain: Vaccine makers do not want negative statistics to mar the results and affect their bottom line.

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Censored: National Vaccine Information Center

A highly-rated nonprofit vaccine safety charity has been censored by Facebook on behalf of pharmaceutical industry interests in a purge of vaccine safety information.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) had maintained a Facebook page since 2008.

The organization was started 39-years ago. Co-founder and president is Barbara Loe Fisher. Fisher became a vaccine safety advocate after her two-and-a-half-year-old son suffered a severe neurological reaction to DPT vaccine in 1980. He was left with multiple learning disabilities that required him to remain in a special education classroom throughout his public school education.

Comment: Read more from Barbara Loe Fisher: The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American
There likely will be lots of questions about whether the fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine was studied long enough to adequately demonstrate safety, especially for people who have trouble resolving strong inflammatory responses in their bodies and may be at greater risk for vaccine reactions.6,7,8,9,10

However, there is no question about what will happen if the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)11,12 recommends that all Americans get the newly licensed coronavirus vaccine.

The government has a national vaccine plan. It is a plan designed to make sure you, your child and everyone in America gets every dose of every vaccine that government officials recommend now and in the future.


Five therapeutic properties of medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms have recently gained popularity in culinary circles, but their far-reaching therapeutic properties should get your attention for a longer and healthier life

Although mushrooms have been part of the healer's toolbox since ancient times, the medicinal power of mushrooms is gaining momentum in evidence-based journals.

Medicinal mushrooms come in a wide variety and shapes such as white button, reishi, maitake, shiitake, oyster, cordyceps, cauliflower, tiger tail and lion's mane, and most have health benefits that range from fighting cancer and boosting your immunity and memory to preventing diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

Comment: More fascinating facts about medicinal fungi:


Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New Jersey's prisons kept quiet by state officials

© Illustration: Science Photo Library via AP
Illustration of Legionella pneumophila bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires' disease: After one person died and another spent a month in a coma, state officials found Legionella bacteria in the water at two New Jersey prisons.
After Jamil Robinson drank the water from the infirmary at East Jersey State Prison, he became so violently ill that prison officials quietly sent him to the hospital. On February 9, Robinson was placed in a medically induced coma, which he stayed in for more than 30 days. When he woke up on March 12, nurses told him he had contracted Legionnaires' disease, a rare form of pneumonia.

Unlike many pneumonias, Legionnaires' isn't spread from person to person but rather through water contaminated with a bacterium called Legionella — meaning that if Robinson had contracted it, anyone else sharing his water source was likely at risk. If left untreated, the infection can be fatal; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 10 people who contract Legionnaires' will die. But Robinson said that by the time of his return, people incarcerated at EJSP had heard nothing about Legionnaires' disease or Legionella contamination from prison officials.

Comment: See also:


Indian study finds smokers and people in blood group O less vulnerable to Covid-19

Comment: The 'Covid surge' in India - like the rest of this nonsense - is probably mostly media hype. In the meantime, here's some real 'Covid news' out of India...

woman smoking cigarette tobacco
An Indian study has found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus nearly spares smokers and people with 'O' blood group. The serosurvey conducted by the Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) also found that vegetarians also have less sero-positivity than the rest of the population.

The pan-India serosurvey studied the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in people. One of the authors of the study said the paper was recently peer-reviewed.

While smokers and vegetarians had lower sero-positivity, those with blood group 'O' were found to be less vulnerable to the disease, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported, citing the study.

Comment: We're unsure what to make of this vegetarian signal in their data. India has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world - by far - at up to 40%, while just 12% of its population smokes. Meanwhile, blood group O people, generally, function best on a high (animal) protein diet.

Comment: By April 14th, when this 'Covid surge in India' made international headlines, more than 111 million people had been vaccinated in that country. So the vaccines aren't working, but smoking sure seems to.

For clarification, the smoking-Covid statistics listed for each country above are phenomenal. What it means is that SMOKING TOBACCO, not 'getting the jab', is the only real 'Covid-preventative medicine'.

As we've been pointing out for - ooh - 20 years now, the official message on smoking tobacco has covered up its health benefits. What's worse is that governments today are moving fast to ban smoking outright - just when it's finally getting the credit it deserves as arguably the most potent anti-viral 'on the market'...

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Objective:Health - The Best Reasons Not to Get a Covid Shot

O:H header
Self-described 'natural health nerd', Christian Elliot has written an excellent article that covers multiple reasons he personally will not (and by extention, the reader shouldn't) be getting the Covid shot. Titled "18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine," the article serves as a good round up of all the reasons the many Covid shots are problematic. Many of these reasons have been covered on our show before, and the article serves both as a refresher and provides some new perspectives and new information to boot.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we go through some of our favourite reasons not to get a Covid shot and offer some additional insights into why these shots are a very bad idea. Anyone who's on the fence about the vaccine will surely not want to miss this one!

For other health-related news and more, you can find us on:

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And you can check out all of our previous shows (pre YouTube) here:


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Is the coronavirus vaccine a ticking time-bomb?

non-neutralizing antibody
Will a vaccine to SARS-CoV-2 actually make the problem worse? Although not a certainty, all of the current data says that this prospect is a real possibility that needs to be paid careful attention to. If you stay with me, I'll explain why.

First, let's set aside the debate surrounding the topic of whether vaccines work and the negative health consequences due to the components of the vaccine. No matter where you stand on the vaccine issue, I'm not asking anyone to capitulate on this point. I'm just asking that this issue be set aside, because in this instance this argument is completely irrelevant. Even without bringing any other issue into the vaccine debate, a coronavirus vaccine is a highly dangerous undertaking due to a peculiar trojan horse mechanism known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Regardless of someone's conviction about vaccines, this point needs to be acknowledged. In the remaining portion of this article, I'm going to explain how ADE works and the future perils it may bring.

For a vaccine to work, our immune system needs to be stimulated to produce a neutralizing antibody, as opposed to a non-neutralizing antibody. A neutralizing antibody is one that can recognize and bind to some region ('epitope') of the virus, and that subsequently results in the virus either not entering or replicating in your cells.

Comment: And for another angle on the monumental problems with these vaccines, don't miss:

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Covid's IFR just keeps dropping

Covid Decline Chart
A new study says the infection fatality ratio of the "deadly virus" has fallen from 3.4% to 0.15%...that's plummeting 95% in less than a year

With every new study, with every new paper, the "deadly" pandemic gets less and less, well, deadly. The most recent data review, published in late March, puts the infection fatality ratio (IFR) at 0.15%.

That is, once again, pretty much the same as a normal flu season.

The new paper is the work of Dr John Ioannidis, whom you likely remember. He is an eminent epidemiologist and statistician who publicly urged the need for "good data" last spring.

Do you remember last spring? The blissful days of never having even heard of "infection fatality ratio"? (I do. Fondly.)

The phrase really rose to prominence last year, after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the IFR of the scary new virus was 3.4%.

This is not, in and of itself, especially high. But it is significantly higher than most cold/flu viruses.

Comment: The story that Covid-19 doesn't exist and hasn't been isolated is equally dangerous as the story that the same virus is very dangerous and deadly. We have a lot of evidence and scientific papers showing that the virus was isolated in January 2020. But its IFR and mortality rate were exaggerated by some sick minds in powerful positions in order to impose total control over the world population and gain more power from the largely exaggerated pandemic.

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MIT researchers challenge indoor social distancing rules: 'No safer at 60 feet than 6 feet'

mask social distance
© Getty Images
"Many spaces that have been shut down in fact don't need to be," said study coauthor Martin Bazant.
A new study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is challenging major COVID-19 mitigation measures of the past year, claiming the widely accepted six-foot "social distancing" rule is more or less meaningless in indoor settings.

The study, authored by MIT chemical engineering Prof. Martin Bazant and applied mathematics Prof. John Bush, "characterize[s] the evolution of the concentration of pathogen-laden droplets in a well-mixed room, and the associated risk of infection to its occupants."

Indoor gatherings have been one of the most aggressive targets of COVID-19 mitigation measures over the past year. Health officials have warned that people congregating in indoor settings are at significant risk for COVID-19 infection. Authorities worldwide have mandated both that occupancy limits in public facilities and spaces be sharply decreased and that individuals should maintain strict 72-inch spaces between each other when inside them.

Comment: Which further proves that any decline in spread has had nothing to do with social distancing measures. It's just as well, then, that for the vast majority of people the coronavirus is harmless: Reuters: Sweden had 10% lower 2020 death spike than much of Europe


Covid can cause more pregnancy complications than thought - but only if the woman is suffering symptoms

Like everything in this pandemic, the knowledge we have about how COVID-19 affects pregnancy has changed since we first learnt about the virus at the start of 2020.

Unfortunately, gathering information and research in this area has been slower than many doctors would like, and a new study has now found that pregnancy risks could be greater than what we thought.

"We now know that the risks to mothers and babies are greater than we assumed at the start of the pandemic and that known health measures when implemented must include pregnant women," said University of Oxford reproductive medical researcher Stephen Kennedy, one of the study authors.

Comment: The above is certainly not an argument for pregnant women to be vaccine, because the vaccines themselves have been shown to actually cause problems in healthy people, and because the vast majority of people will become infected but not experience any significant symptoms: And check out SOTT radio's: Objective:Health - Kids and Covid Shots