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Executive summary

Del Bigtree was right: CO2 levels have been confirmed to rise to unacceptable levels in kids in a paper published in September 2022.

The CDC refuses to warn parents of the danger, even after the paper was published.

So it's our job to warn since everyone else (mainstream medical community, mainstream press, and CDC) are remaining silent.

The original Highwire demo

Here is the original video of Del and his son Ever.

The fact check

Even the AFP Fact check admits that 2,000 ppm is problematic and that 13,000 is very problematic:

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Conclusion of the paper

co2 levels study mask 2

So now you know.

Following the CDC's advice to mask your kids is going to impair your child's ability to learn and they never even warned you.

You really can't trust the CDC on anything, can you?

And you can't trust the mainstream medical community or mainstream media to let you know the truth either. They aren't going to contradict the CDC, no matter what the science says.