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Mon, 25 Sep 2023
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Blue Planet

Greenland may have been green and ice-free 416,000 years ago


The study, published in the journal Science, has raised concerns Greenland's ice sheets may not be as stable as previously thought and provides information on how the region's landscape may react to climate change.

Comment: Evidently the climate has been changing from hot to cold, and back again, regardless of human CO2 emissions.

Greenland may have been green and ice-free as recently as 416,000 years ago, new research has found.

The study, published in the journal Science, has raised concerns Greenland's ice sheets may not be as stable as previously thought and provides information on how the region's landscape may react to climate change.

Researchers analysed sediment extracted from an ice core collected in the region, which showed evidence of leaves and moss from that period.

Comment: Greenland, as its name suggests, may have been ice-free - or at least sufficiently hospitable for pastoralism and agriculture - as little as a millennia ago:


Where did this 'New World Order' coup come from? The Rockefeller's 'social engineering project'

© Shutterstock/Global Research
Just one letter away...
The "New World Order" (NWO) is a social engineering project aimed at reshaping human civilization on Planet Earth in its every aspect, to suit the selfish interests of a small group of billionaires obsessed by greed for power and profit. But also - and no less so - obsessed by their fear of violent hungry and deprived masses ransacking and destroying their properties. And eager to display how superior they are to 99.99 % of their fellow humans - and their ability to beat both Nature, the Universe, and Divine Consciousness at the eternal game of Creation.

The NWO idea grew out of John D. Rockefeller's business idea, hatched already around 1900, to take on health care and make a global monopoly of medical science. Just as he had already created a virtual global monopoly of the petroleum business.

Rockefeller's brilliant but sneaky self-serving initiative took the guise of a non-profit institution in order to escape taxes and at the same time gain respect, if not popularity, instead of the anger and hate his ruthless business methods had earned him until then.

And what better way of taking control of medical research, education and practice? All under the guise of generously donating fortunes for the benefit of the masses - and of Science while tailoring it all to his own strictly-for- profit business model. Which has resulted in Big Pharma's secret mantra "Every cured patient is a lost customer" [while] becoming a fundamental principle of modern Western school medicine. It does not offer any cures, only life-long treatments by patented and high priced, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and surgery with a long list of potentially fatal side effects that need additional drugs.

Comment: Connecting the dots...how moving parts lock together for a future few of us want.


Declassified Richard Nixon letter to President Clinton proves prophetic on Russia

richard nixon bill clinton
© Bob NcNeely/ White House Photograph Office
President Bill Clinton meets with former President Richard Nixon in the residence of the White House on March 8, 1993.
A month before he died in April 1994, former President Richard Nixon wrote a letter to then-President Bill Clinton offering what Clinton later called "wise counsel, especially with regard to Russia." The contents of that letter have now been declassified by the Clinton presidential library and appear prophetic.

In the seven-page letter, dated March 21, 1994, and discussed by history professor Luke Nichter in the Wall Street Journal, Nixon gave a blunt assessment of the political situation in Russia, predicting accurately that relations between Moscow and Kyiv would deteriorate and that someone like Putin could come to power. Nixon, 81 at the time, wrote the letter after he returned from a two-week trip to Russia and Ukraine.

While the former president is infamous for departing the White House amid scandal in 1974, his legacy includes being the architect of détente with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In 1972, Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit Moscow, where he signed the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. Nixon spent the years following his presidency taking foreign trips on behalf of the United States and offering counsel based on decades of experience to guide U.S. policy in the post-Cold War era.

Comment: Whatever his failings, Nixon was a skilled foreign policy player. It would have been very interesting to see his take on Putin and Russia today. Considering that:
Nixon considered the survival of political and economic freedom in Russia "the most important foreign policy issue the nation will face for the balance of this century."
how could he not approve Putin's leadership?

Ornament - Blue

3rd century BC glass workshop is earliest ever discovered north of the Alps

glass ancient
© Antiquity (2023). DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2023.80
After 20 years of above-ground surveys, archaeologists have excavated the famous Iron Age site of Němčice and confirmed the presence of the earliest glass workshop north of the Alps.

Němčice is one of the most important settlement sites of the La Tène Period (3rd-2nd century BC) in Central Europe, famous for its unprecedented amount of gold and silver coins which number over 2,000.

Numerous beautiful glass bracelets and beads have also been found at the site. As such, it was thought that Němčice was a center of glass production, but only these excavations have confirmed this fact.

"No one yet knows how exactly the Celts made glass bracelets," said author of the research, Dr. Ivan Čižmář from the Institute of Archaeological Heritage Brno.

Comment: It's interesting that researchers still don't know how Celts made these glass objects, and that no tool evidence has yet been found, despite them finding the pieces in various stages of completion.

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Kitchen shrine serpents and more fascinating new Pompeii discoveries

A kitchen shrine adorned with serpents, a bakery, human skeletons, exquisite frescos, and yes, a picture of something that looks very much like pizza. These are among the new finds being turned up at the Pompeii Archaeological Park.

Dig anywhere in the ancient city destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in AD79 and you will unearth a treasure - a snapshot of a lost Roman world.

It's extraordinary to think that one-third of the city buried under pumice and ash has yet to be excavated.

"Much of that will be for future generations," says Alessandro Russo, the co-lead archaeologist on the new dig.


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Earliest evidence of forest management discovered at the La Draga Neolithic site

la drage neolithic site ancient forest management
© Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
General and detailed image of the anthropic marks identified on bay tree posts at La Draga. Right: Oriol López-Bultó at La Draga, with an oak post recovered from the site.
UAB researchers identify marks carved intentionally on bay trees some five or ten years before the Neolithic settlement of La Draga was built in Banyoles 7,200 years ago. The discovery allows confirming the presence of human groups in the area before they settled there by selecting, marking and controlling the forests.

A research team from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has found the earliest known evidence of forest management based on the analysis of several anthropic markings located on posts made out of bay tree wood (Laurus nobilis) used in building La Draga (Banyoles, Girona), the only lakeside Neolithic site of the Iberian Peninsula dating back 7,200 to 6,700 years.

The research was conducted by Oriol López-Bultó, Ingrid Bertin and Raquel Piqué, from the UAB Department of Prehistory, and archaeologist Patrick Gassmann, and was published in the International Journal of Wood Culture after being presented at the From Forests to Heritage conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The study indicates that the trees were marked several times with adzes. The wood continued to grow on top of the scars left by the marks, and some five to ten years later, those same trees were cut down and converted into posts to be used in the early phases of building the settlement.

Marks such as the ones found at La Draga had been previously identified at a site located in Switzerland, the Hauterive-Champréveyres site, but were at least 1,000 years younger than the ones found at La Draga.

Blue Planet

Mysterious labyrinth found hidden under a church in Mexico

labyrinth mexico
© Project Lyobaa
A variety of imaging techniques were used to spot underground spaces.
Archaeologists working at the Mitla site in southern Mexico have come across a discovery worthy of an Indiana Jones movie: a labyrinth of chambers and passageways hidden below a church, representing an 'entrance' to the underworld.

When the buildings were put up by the ancient Zapotecs more than 1,000 years ago, they would've been used as a religious temple and known as the Lyobaa - the 'place of rest'. Several tombs appear to be part of the underground network, which sits some 5-8 meters (16-26 feet) below the surface.

To find the underground structures, researchers used three scanning methods to reveal what was hidden from view: ground-penetrating radar (measuring electromagnetic wave reflections), electrical resistivity tomography (measuring the progress of electric currents), and seismic noise tomography (measuring the progress of seismic waves).

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Blue Planet

3,000-year-old untouched burial of 'charioteer' discovered in Siberia, first evidence of chariot use in region

chariot siberia
The burial includes a distinctive hooked piece of bronze, probably once fixed to a belt around the waist, which is for drivers of horse-drawn chariots to tie the reins and free their hands.
Archaeologists in Siberia have discovered the untouched 3,000-year-old grave of a person thought to be a charioteer — indicating for the first time that horse-drawn chariots were used in the region.

The skeletal remains were interred with a distinctive hooked metal attachment for a belt, which allowed drivers of horse-drawn chariots to tie their reins to their waists and free their hands. This type of artifact has also been found in Chinese and Mongolian graves.

Aleksey Timoshchenko, an archaeologist at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Live Science in an email that the object was found in its original placement at the waist of the person in the undisturbed grave.

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The big lie behind modern Ukraine: Why does Kiev refuse to properly investigate the mysterious 2014 'Maidan massacre'?

© RT
Ukraine montage
For almost ten years officials have refused to find the culprits, despite plenty of eyewitness accounts and evidence...

The active phase of hostilities in Ukraine has been going on for more than 500 days. During this time, tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people have died.

Meanwhile Western governments have spent billions to support the war, and an active discussion has begun in Russia about the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

Ivan Katchanovski, a Canadian researcher of Ukrainian origin, believes that the first domino in the sequence toppled almost ten years ago, when the mass protests that would become known as "EuroMaidan" broke out in the Ukrainian capital.

On one day in Kiev more than 100 people, including both protesters and police, were killed. The Ukrainian leadership, western politicians and media blamed the Berkut special police force, but many facts suggest that the protesters may have been shot by fellow oppositionists.

In his article 'The Maidan Massacre Trial and Investigation Revelations: Implications for the Ukraine-Russia War and Relations', Katchanovski shows how the failure to properly investigate decade-old crimes has helped bring international relations to their current state.

Better Earth

Ancient Chinese relics point to unbroken cultural links that began a million years ago, further discrediting Out of Africa theory say researchers

china yeyuan
© Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau
Artefacts uncovered at the Yeyuan site are rewriting China's pre-history.
The earliest signs of civilisation in China have been dated to thousands of years ago, with many ancient cultural and political traditions still in place today. But emerging evidence has helped researchers establish a much longer continuity between early hominin activity and the roots of Chinese civilisation.

A series of excavations carried out between 2019 and 2023 at various locations in the Yellow River Basin - considered the birthplace of Chinese civilisation - have yielded stone tools and other artefacts that date from between 1.1 million to 10,000 years ago, according to scientists.

"The uninterrupted history of hominin development in our country can be dated back over a million years," said Luo Wenli, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, in a report posted online by People's Daily. Hominins consist of all modern and extinct humans and our immediate ancestors.

Comment: The above report is notable because it further emphasises how the much promoted Out of Africa theory for all of humanity is simply not supported by the evidence: And check out SOTT radio's: