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Wed, 27 Oct 2021
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Miami private school says students who get COVID vaccine must quarantine for 30 days

centner academy
© Chandan Khanna / AFP via Getty Images file
The Centner Academy, a private school in Miami.
A private school in Miami, Florida, that announced earlier this year it would not employ teachers who receive a COVID-19 vaccine now says that any student who gets vaccinated must stay home for 30 days after each shot.

Centner Academy's chief operating officer told parents in a letter that "if you are considering the vaccine for your Centner Academy student(s), we ask that you hold off until the Summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding onto others to decrease."

The letter informed parents that students who receive a COVID-19 vaccine dose must quarantine, WSVN-TV reported.

Comment: Good for them! Whether the vaccinated shed or not is unclear, there have however been numerous cases of outbreaks of coronavirus in the vaccinated, so it is perfectly reasonable for the school to take this stance. See the school's full policy on childhood vaccinations here.

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Human remains found in same area as Brian Laundrie's possessions in Florida nature reserve - UPDATE: FBI confirms identity

Comment: Update 21 October 2021

petito and laundrie
© North Port Florida Police | Reuters
Human remains were found in the same area where personal belongings were found of Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's fiancé who's been missing for over a month, officials said Wednesday.

A senior law enforcement official says what appears to be partial human remains have been found in the Carlton Reserve in a location that was previously under water. There is no confirmation the remains belong to Laundrie.

The remains were found near a backpack, according to this source, which may be consistent with the type of items Laundrie may have had in his possession.

Laundrie's parents directed FBI agents and North Port police to the location where "some articles belonging to Brian were found," according to a statement by Laundrie attorney Steven Bertolino.

Comment: What a weird conclusion to a weird story. Two national parks, two bodies, two months apart.


Washington State Patrol faces staff shortages & multimillion replacement costs as officers quit over Covid vaccine mandate

Washington State Trooper
© REUTERS/Jason Redmond
Some 127 Washington State Patrol employees, more than half of them officers, were terminated after a vaccination deadline passed this week, with the force now bracing for staff shortages in critical areas and major costs.

Seventy-four commissioned officers - including 67 troopers, six sergeants and a captain - as well as 53 civil servants were "separated from employment" as they missed the October 18 deadline to provide proof of vaccination, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) reported earlier this week.

The WSP stated that the employees quit the force "for varying reasons and in varying ways," with chief John R. Batiste declaring that "we will miss every one of them."

"I extend a hardy thanks to those who are leaving the agency. I truly wish that you were staying with us," he said.

Bizarro Earth

First of over 200 bodies being exhumed from Lugansk mass grave.

mass grave luganks donbass ukrain
© Russell Bently
First of over 200 bodies being exhumed from Lugansk mass grave.
Note from Eric Zuesse: A friend, Russell Bentley, in Lugansk in the far-eastern Donbas region which had been part of Ukraine until Obama's 2014 coup in Ukraine overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected and neutralist President and replaced his Government by racist-fascist (or nazi) anti-Russian zealots, who promptly launched an ethnic-cleansing campaign against the residents in Donbas (which region of Ukraine had voted 90%+ for that neutralist to become Ukraine's President) sent me this grim follow-up news-report:

Russell Bentley:

I recently witnessed the exhumation of human remains from a mass grave that contains over 200 bodies. It was a profound and profoundly disturbing experience. Each body in this grave represents an unnecessary and unjust death, a murder, and each of these over 200 murders can never be forgotten or forgiven. There is a message that cries out from these bones that must be heard and understood, and acted upon by all good people in the world. Otherwise, history will repeat itself, and again, the killers and the killing will continue, and more mass graves will be filled.

After seven years of war, a war that continues to this day, these 200 bodies are being exhumed from the mass grave that the war forced them into back in the summer 2014, during the heaviest attacks and siege by the Ukrainian "punishers" against the people of Lugansk. In those terrible days and nights of constant shelling and ever present danger, there was no water or electricity, no safe place to process the bodies, no chance at all for a regular funeral. Only now are conditions and resources finally available to put these peaceful and innocent civilians, along with some of their heroic Defenders, to rest with a proper burial.


Logjam: Record 100 ships waiting offshore at LA ports with cargo

los angeles port congestion shipping containers
An image from space of the Los Angeles port crisis, taken on Oct. 10, 2021.
The logjam of cargo, container, and tanker ships trying to access Long Beach and Los Angeles ports has hit a record of 100 vessels as of Monday evening. Another 45 are expected to arrive in the next three days.

A view of the vessels from space looks like matchsticks scattered around the Southern California coastline, as ship captains pick their spot to spend the next week or longer waiting for a summons to dock. The ships are scattered along the shoreline for at least 20 miles.

The number of 100 vessels at anchor in the sea is a dozen higher than Friday and breaks a former record of 97 on Sept. 19, according to Capt. J. Kipling Louttit with the Marine Exchange of Southern California. The Marine Exchange is responsible for coordinating shipping traffic and piloting the vessels into port.

Comment: It's only going to get worse.

LA port backup grows to record 62 ships as supply chain crunch worsens

Forward-thinking Florida governor Ron DiSantis provides a solution for strapped shipping companies. Florida ports are open with improved facilities and no covid restrictions:

DeSantis offers the solution to supply-chain issues Newsom has exacerbated

Black Cat

Panic? Dem candidate Terry McAuliffe abruptly ends interview, tells local Virginia reporter, 'You should've asked better questions'

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe
Both McAuliffe, Glenn Youngkin were offered 20-minute interviews, according to WJLA

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe cut his interview short with a local Virginia TV station and scolded the reporter for not asking "better questions."

WJLA 7News reporter Nick Minock conducted interviews with the former governor and his GOP rival Glenn Youngkin, sharing highlights on air while releasing the full interviews and transcripts online.

However, WJLA anchor Jonathan Elias offered a disclaimer to viewers who may notice that Youngkin's interview was much longer than McAuliffe's.

Comment: McAuliffe is a never-Trumper and Clinton crony from way back. No surprise he's pushing the radical Democrat line:


Private passenger plane slides off runway & bursts into flames in Texas, LAX sees Japan Airlines Boeing 777 engine burst into flames midair

plane texas crash

The McDonnell Douglas MD-87 plane with 18 passengers and 3 crew members on board crashed near Katy, Texas, Tuesday morning
A private plane carrying 18 baseball fans and three crew from Houston to the American League Championship Series in Boston ran off a runway and burst into flames on Tuesday - but everyone on board survived and only one person suffered a minor injury.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-87 rolled through a fence and caught fire while trying to take off from the Houston Executive Airport in Brookshire near Katy, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The youngest person on board the plane was a 10-year-old child, officials said.

Comment: AirLive reports on the Japan Airlines incident that occurred days prior to the above, whereby a Boeing 777 suffered an engine malfunction midair while departing from a Los Angeles airport:
A Boeing 777-300ER suffered an engine problem on departure from Los Angeles LAX.

Japan Airlines flight #JL15 to Tokyo Haneda experienced an issue with engine #2.

The Boeing 777-300ER took off at 2.33pm local time from runway 25R on Friday October 15th.

The crew decided to circle for about 30 mins, holding 6,000ft in order to burn/dump fuel.

The aircraft (reg. JA740J) landed safely back at LAX runway 25L about 45 minutes later.
And those happened just in the last week, below is a selection of the other crashes, malfunctions, and extreme weather events, affecting air travel lately.


Confusing: Dropping word 'mother' from policy doc made Scotland a darling of top LGBT+ group whose own site uses the word

scotland flag lgbt protest
© (L) Global Look Press / Markus Keller; (R) Mark Kerrison / In Pictures via Getty Images
The pro-LGBT+ advocacy group Stonewall reportedly bumped the Government of Scotland up its controversial Diversity Champions list after it dropped the word 'mother' from its maternity-leave policy, and some people are puzzled.

The influence of Stonewall, the powerful British LGBT+ charity, was the focus of an investigation by BBC reporter Stephen Nolan, who released his findings in a series of podcasts last week. One particular detail has caught the public attention after being highlighted by some media outlets. To be in the good graces of the group, a government needs to erase motherhood - or at least not use the word 'mother' in documents even as relevant as a state maternity-leave policy.

According to Nolan, that's how the Scottish government managed to "score points" with Stonewall. The gendered word got excluded from the documents in favour of the more inclusive terms like "spouse" or "partner." The move is presumably supposed to make the policy more friendly to trans people, who retain capacity for child birthing while identifying as male, and to non-binary persons.

Comment: Stonewall has strayed far from its roots, alienating the very groups it was founded to advocate for. It has become a poisonous influence on British society: Josh Slocum of the DisaffectedPodcast has some sage advice:

Bizarro Earth

UK's "burnt out" GPs warn many will quit if gov't force face-to-face appointments - same doctors who voted against training more doctors in 2008

© Yui Mok/PADenis Campbell Health policy editor
Health secretary Sajid Javid unveiled his blueprint for GP services on Thursday. It was met with widespread criticism, including from former health secretary Jeremy Hunt.
GP leaders have warned that giving patients guaranteed face-to-face appointments could lead to a crippling exodus of family doctors already exhausted by the pandemic and despairing of being "pilloried" by ministers.

The profession's key bodies said the government's plan to force them to see in person every patient who asks will exacerbate the already serious shortage of doctors, especially as the proposal includes "naming and shaming" surgeries that do not comply.

Comment: Rather divisive policy being proposed by the government which won't actually solve the problems plaguing the NHS but will contribute to hastening its demise.

Opposition parties also rounded on the government's blueprint for change, with the former Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt saying ministers were taking the wrong approach.

Comment: According to a 2008 study in the British Medical Journal, UK doctors voted to restrict medical student entrants into the workforce:

Judging from the short study extract below, whilst this vote was ostensibly to avoid 'devaluing the profession', the allegation that the real concern was that it would result in lower pay seems reasonable. One could conclude that those who partook in this vote share part of the blame for the UK's 'overwhelmed' healthcare system, which, notably, has been considered at crisis levels for many years now, both in terms of staffing and capacity:
Delegates at the annual BMA conference voted by a narrow majority to restrict the number of places at medical schools to avoid "overproduction of doctors with limited career opportunities." They also agreed on a complete ban on opening new medical schools.

David Sochart, from Manchester and Salford, warned that in the current job climate allowing too many new doctors into the market would risk devaluing the profession and make newly qualified doctors prey to "unscrupulous ...
It's worth also bearing in mind that part of this crisis has been manufactured by corrupt government officials who have been working towards privatising the UK's NHS for at least two decades now, and against the wishes of the public: Also check out SOTT radio's: MindMatters: How Psychopaths Infect and Destroy Hierarchies of Competence


Bollene beheading: Manhunt for 'armed & dangerous' suspect after decapitated body found in southern France

beheading France Bollene beheading
© creenshot Google Maps; (inset) Facebook / Anthony Zilio
A man has been found "beheaded and eviscerated" in the southeastern French commune of Bollène. A police search is now underway for the suspect, whom they say is armed with a knife and dangerous.

The macabre murder took place in the Vaucluse district of the famed Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur tourist region.

Warning that the suspect was armed, the Vaucluse gendarmes posted a mugshot to social media and ordered any residents who saw the man not to confront him. A law enforcement source told the AFP news agency that whether or not the incident was a terrorist act was "not absolute at this stage of the inquiry."