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Russia warns citizens about travel to Mexico after US claims it's trying to stop them crossing over illegally into US

migrants riot texas border eagle pass national guard
© James Breeden for New York Post / MegaFILE: A group of over 100 migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally rush a border fence on Thursday, March 21, 2024.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has warned Russian citizens to calculate the risk involved in traveling to Mexico after the authorities in the Central American nation began refusing entry to more Russian travelers.

Early last year, Russia's ambassador to Mexico, Andrey Troyanovsky, said that there had been an increase in the number of Russians being denied entry to Mexico. Troyanovsky suggested at the time that the increase may be linked to Mexican authorities attempting to reduce the number of migrants coming to their country in order to enter the US illegally.

Comment: The West and its allies continue their descent into farce.


New Jersey is nowhere near the border, but is still forced to shell out billions due to illegal immigration

protsts illegal immigrants new jersey
© REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
A report conducted by a New Jersey lawmaker found that illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers well over $7 billion per year.

New Jersey Republican assemblyman Paul Kanitra released the "Report on the Cost of Illegal Aliens to New Jerseyans" on Tuesday, which gives a comprehensive breakdown of how many illegal immigrants are residing in the state, its costs to taxpayers, and the current state of the border crisis. The report called for a number of enforcement measures and the abolishment of incentives that attract illegal immigration to the state.

Kanitra's office estimated that, as of April 2024, there were roughly 894,000 illegal immigrants in New Jersey. Out of a state of just under 10 million, this would equate to nearly 1-in-1o New Jersey residents being an unlawful immigrant.


New 'guide' teaches UK MPs to spot 'conspiracy theories'

Westminster UK
© Off-Guardian
The British government has issued a new guidebook to all sitting MPs to help them spot "conspiracy theories".

Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt MP, who commissioned the guide, has warned that:
The proliferation of conspiracy theories across the UK is deeply disturbing. They are deliberate campaigns to spread disinformation and fear [...] If they go unchallenged we risk the public being conned and their wellbeing potentially damaged. These campaigns are also a threat to the health of our democracy. It is essential that we give the public and their representatives the tools they need to combat this phenomenon."
And claimed the aim of the new guide was to:
protect the public from the damaging effects of misinformation and safeguard the integrity of our democratic process,"
Which sounds just lovely, doesn't it?

Oh, and just in case any of you are still caught up in the party politics illusion, the guide has full cross-party support, the Shadow Leader of the House called it "a must-read".

The report was co-written by "experts" representing several non-governmental organisations, and fact-checkers including:
  • FullFact - funded by (among others) Google, Facebook and the Open Society Foundation.
  • The Institute for Strategic Dialogue - funded by (among others) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Facebook, over a dozen national governments and the UN.
  • Global Network on Extremism and Technology - The academic research arm of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, a thinktank "designed to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms"...and which is funded by (among others) Facebook, Amazon, Youtube and Microsoft.
In short, it's all a rather incestuous funding pool of the same handful of tech giants and billionaires paying "experts" to tell them what they want to hear.


Massive fire breaks out at electric vehicle charging station factory in Italy

Alpitronic factory fire in Italy
The viral video shows a large area of the factory under fire, creating a scary situation in the neighbourhood.

A massive fire broke out at an Alpitronic factory in the Piani industrial area of Italy on Wednesday. The viral video shows black smoke spreading across the sky.

The video was shared by an X handle @volcaholic. The handle shared that the factory specialises in manufacturing charging stations for electric cars. In the video, one can see a large area of the factory under fire.

"As a precaution, the airspace over Bolzano has been closed, and residents are advised by the Municipality to keep their windows closed. Firefighters from Bolzano and neighbouring areas, along with technicians from the Environment Agency, are working to control the situation," the handle wrote.

Comment: Whilst there have been a number of suspect fires around the world of late, considering the problems with electric vehicles bursting into flames, this fire may have a more mundane explanation.

Notably, the UK has issued new safety guidelines with regards to enclosed car parks, electric vehicles and charging stations, which resulted in an EV driver being refused entry to a hospital carpark:
In a statement issued to the BBC, Alder Hey hospital said following advice from Merseyside Fire and Rescue it had "temporarily restricted the parking of electric vehicles in one of our smaller car parks while we upgrade its fire sprinkler system."

"Electric vehicles are still able to park in our main Hospital car park", it continued, pointing out it also had 14 spaces with EV charging points.


Let Israel's leaders get arrested for war crimes

gaza genocide
All decent Israelis must ask themselves the following questions: Is their country committing war crimes in Gaza? If so, how should they be stopped?

How should the culprits be punished? Who can punish them? Is it reasonable for crimes to go unprosecuted and criminals to be exculpated?

One may, of course, reply in the negative to the first question - Israel is not committing any war crimes in Gaza - thereby rendering the rest of the questions superfluous.

But how can one answer in the negative in the face of the facts and the situation in Gaza:

about 35,000 people killed and another 10,000 missing, about two-thirds of them innocent civilians, according to the Israel Defense Forces;

Comment: At least one pundit in Israeli media is saying what needs to be said.

Heart - Black

Police are quick to label Muslim teens as terrorists, but the same doesn't apply to others

The Alliance of Australian Muslims released a 26 April statement about the recent terror raids in Sydney, which were sparked by a 16-year-old Muslim boy stabbing a priest and led to six more Muslim teenagers being charged with terrorism for allegedly having thought about planning a terrorist act.

A clear issue here is that while terrorism is defined as an act done to advance a political, religious or ideological cause, and the stabbing was linked to religion, should a teen taking discussions with his mates too seriously, to the point of committing crime, result in decades of prison time for them all?

The alliance also pointed to a recent case involving a man leaving "a suspected bomb with a political message outside a home", which was "not labelled terrorism", and it further insisted that this creates the perception of a double standard within the criminal justice system.


MIT becomes first elite university to ban diversity statements

MIT president Sally Kornbluth end diversity statements
© Getty ImagesPresident Sally Kornbluth made the decision to end diversity statements at MIT.
In what's likely to be a watershed moment, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has ended the use of diversity statements for faculty hiring, making it the first elite private university to backtrack on the practice that has been roundly criticised as a political litmus test.

On Saturday, an MIT spokesperson confirmed in an email to me that "requests for a statement on diversity will no longer be part of applications for any faculty positions at MIT", adding that the decision was made by embattled MIT President Sally Kornbluth "with the support of the Provost, Chancellor, and all six academic deans".

The decision marks an inflection point in the battle over diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in higher education. Since at least the late 2010s, diversity statements have been ubiquitous in faculty hiring, sometimes carrying serious weight in the selection process. As one dean at Emory University put it while describing her approach to hiring, "Diversity statement, then dossier."

Comment: Don't expect the DEI fanatics to tuck their tails and leave just because they've lost a skirmish. There are many ways to enforce a DEI mindset without requiring an explicit statement. But it does appear the tide is slowly turning.


South Carolina latest state to approve ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors

autistic children transgender lgbt flag
© Tyrone Siu/Reuters
The South Carolina Senate on Thursday approved a ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors after supporters defeated efforts to only ban treatments that would be considered irreversible.

The 27-8 vote in favor included all Republicans present and one Democrat voting for the ban. That came after the remaining Democrats tried to walk out so there wouldn't be enough senators to stay in session, but the vote was called too fast.

The bill bars health professionals from performing gender-transition surgeries, prescribing puberty blockers and overseeing hormone treatments for patients under 18.


The true child-indoctrination centers these days are being run by the State

Child-Indoctrination Centres
Can modern children really trust what they are being taught in their schools?

I well remember my shock, aged around 12 years old, when I first read in a school science textbook the distressing news that the world's supplies of oil were due to run out in approximately 30 short years' time, a period when I hoped still to be alive. It was not only power and heating-supplies that would be affected by this looming shortage, the textbook warned: in chemically-processed form, oil was used to make everything from textiles to plastics, rendering modern life essentially unliveable. It turned out even some forms of rope were manufactured using oil-derivatives, making it impossible to so much as hang yourself, once society collapsed by the time I reached my 40s.

Then, however, I noticed something which seemed to make the whole situation even worse. According to the copyright notice at the front of the textbook, it had first been published 10 years beforehand. So, presumably, this meant humanity now had only 20 years left of life outside the neo-Dark Ages, not 30 at all! Therefore, when it came to answering the subsequent comprehension question, "How many years until the oil runs out?" I asked my teacher if I was supposed to actually write down this smaller number instead. "No," I was told. "The answer's still 30." I didn't understand. Had mankind suddenly found some more stores of untapped oil in the interim? Say, around 10 years' worth? Explanation came there none.


Prisoners of themselves

© Mark Meadows/Getty Images/Alex WongFormer US President Donald Trump
You realize, don't you, that the gross misconduct of government officials from RussiaGate on down to the courtroom of Judge Juan Merchan has amounted to one continuous operation against the American people? If it were ever honestly adjudicated, many hundreds of them might go to prison, or worse. Each successive seditious and treasonous action they attempt against their arch-nemesis, Mr. Trump, only compounds their criminal liability โ€” the Steele Dossier, CIA agent Eric Ciaramella's 2019 impeachment prank, the Covid-19 caper, the George Floyd-BLM hustle, the 2020 election hijinks, the J-6 op and the House J-6 Committee conjured up to spin it, the present battery of farcical court cases โ€” and yet the Golden Golem of Greatness not only remains defiantly at large, but seems to amass ever more electoral mojo.

The epic failure of these mighty efforts, and the humiliation entailed, has lately driven this vast bureaucratic cabal โ€” collectively styled as "the blob" โ€” to a stage of abject desperation that looks a lot like insanity. They fear for their lives, their fortunes, their chattels, and their families, and they seem ready to wreck the republic to save themselves. They have so far pretty much wrecked American justice with their lawfare tactics โ€” a degenerate campaign to use the vested authority of prosecutors and judges to twist and cheat the law at the cost of the law's legitimacy. Merrick Garland, Norm Eisen, Andrew Weismann, Mary McCord, Lisa Monaco, Marc Elias, Christopher Wray, Letitia James, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg have made law the enemy of the people.