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La Toya Jackson Claims Bizarre Abuse by Ex-Husband

© Russ Einhorn/Splash NewsLa Toya Jackson book signing for Starting Over, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, The Grove, Los Angeles, California.
La Toya Jackson claims her abusive ex-husband once offered her up to have sex with boxing champion Mike Tyson for $100,000.

Michael Jackson's sister made the bizarre allegation during an appearance on CBS's The Talk where she was promoting her new autobiography Starting Over.

It tells of the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and manager Jack Gordon, who she says also 'hated and despised' her legendary entertainer brother.

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Millerites' 1844 'rapture' event called the Great Disappointment

© UnknownThe Rev. William Miller began peddling his end-of-the-world prediction in the 1820s based on a series of elaborate charts such as this one called "Chronological Chart of the Visions of Daniel and John."
Thousands of Cincinnatians camped out in 1844 to witness what they believed was going to be the world's greatest - and final - fireworks display.

They weren't celebrating the Fourth of July. They were waiting for the end of the world.

These happy campers were the followers of a 19th-century version of the Rev. Harold Camping, the Rapture predictor.

The views of the Rapture reverend, broadcast over his multi-million-dollar radio, TV, satellite and website empire, would move those Cincinnatians to say: Been there. Done that.


US - 'Mammoth peat' for sale ... get your 'black gold'!

© Kelly Cox/post IndependentEvan Gould with Gould Construction shows off handfuls of the rich peat moss that the company hauled in from the Ziegler Reservoir excavation site in Snowmass Village. The company started out with 6,000 cubic yards for sale to gardeners, and still has 4,500 cubic yards available at its location south of Glenwood Springs.
It probably won't grow prehistoric mastodons or mammoths, but peat moss from the Ziegler Reservoir excavation site just might help produce a whopper crop of garden vegetables.

Glenwood Springs-based Gould Construction is selling peat soil excavated from the construction site, which became one of the world's largest fossil finds last fall after the preserved bones of numerous prehistoric mammals were discovered.

Before the find, Gould, which was the initial contractor on the construction site, was in charge of excavating and disposing of the material, explained Evan Gould, trucking supervisor and safety director for the company.

Most of that "material" was rich, black high-elevation peat moss. The deeper layers of the reservoir site ended up holding a virtual motherlode of ice age fossils. Thousands have since been removed and preserved by scientists working with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Rather than simply get rid of the dirt that was part of Gould's initial work, the company decided to make the peat moss available for sale to local gardeners and landscapers.

"This stuff is great for flower beds, gardens, any place where you want to grow things," Evan Gould said. "If you like to buy locally, and buy all-organic stuff that you know exactly where it came from, this is the best."


US: Cockpit audio details chaos after hole rips in Phoenix plane

Phoenix, Arizona - The Federal Aviation Administration released dramatic audio recordings Tuesday between air traffic controllers and pilots aboard Southwest Airlines flight 812.

The two sides worked together on April 1 to get the plane on the ground after a six-foot hole ripped open in the fuselage .

The recordings indicate Southwest Flight 812 started out just like any other.

But a few minutes in to the Phoenix to Sacramento flight, the pilot declares an emergency.

"We lost the cabin," the pilot can be heard saying.

The roof of the Boeing 737 had ripped open, leaving a gaping hole.

"Apparently we've got a hole in the fuselage in the back of the airplane," the pilot says to air traffic controllers.

The plane quickly descended from 36,000 feet to just 10,000 feet as the pilot tries to figure out where to land.


Oil and gas spills in North Sea every week, papers reveal

© AlamyMore than 100 potentially lethal oil and gas spills took place on rigs in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010.
Documents list companies that caused more than 100 potentially lethal - and largely unpublicised - leaks in 2009 and 2010

Serious spills of oil and gas from North Sea platforms are occurring at the rate of one a week, undermining oil companies' claims to be doing everything possible to improve the safety of rigs.

Shell has emerged as one of the top offenders despite promising to clean up its act five years ago after a large accident in which two oil workers died.

Documents obtained by the Guardian record leaks voluntarily declared by the oil companies to the safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive(HSE), in a database set up after the Piper Alpha disaster of 6 July 1988 which killed 167 workers. They reveal for the first time the names of companies that have caused more than 100 potentially lethal and largely unpublicised oil and gas spills in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010.

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US: Yellowstone river oil spill spreads

© Jim Urquhart/APExxonMobil clean-up crews work to collect oil from along side the Yellowstone river in Montana. Flooding is preventing them reaching the broken pipeline.
Oil from a ruptured ExxonMobil pipeline on the famed Yellowstone spread at least 15 miles beyond the initial leak - further than the oil company's original estimates.

Clean-up crews have yet to reach the break in the 12-inch pipeline because of historic flooding on the river, which is projected to peak on Tuesday.

Montana's governor, Brian Schweitzer, who was due to visit areas near the spill site on Tuesday, has called for a safety inspection of all pipelines crossing the state and a review of the company's emergency response plans.

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US - FEMA again denies Minneapolis of tornado assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied once again the city's request for aid for people recovering from the May 22 tornado. The aid, which would help pay for things like cars ruined by the tornado and even the replacement of a person's home if it was not covered by insurance, was deemed unnecessary for the area's recovery, according to a letter from a top FEMA official that arrived Friday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied once again the city's request for aid for people recovering from the May 22 tornado.

The aid, which would help pay for things like cars ruined by the tornado and even the replacement of a person's home if it was not covered by insurance, was deemed unnecessary for the area's recovery, according to a letter from a top FEMA official that arrived Friday. Gov. Mark Dayton had requested the aid after the tornado blew through densely populated neighborhoods from St. Louis Park to Blaine, destroying dozens of houses, primarily in north Minneapolis.


Best of the Web: Monsters among us: Ritual child abuse in France

© Brian Curnel
Interesting, but shocking German documentary that delves into three cases of child abuse in France. Three victims, 'Deborah', 'Robbert' and 'Noemi' tell about their experiences of abuse, and how they were molested in a pedophile network.

Rumours about these pedophile networks are not uncommon. The Casa Pia case in Portugal, the Dutroux case in Belgium, the Franklin affair in the USA and the Zandvoort affair in the Netherlands to name but a few - in all these cases there have been allegations of cover-ups and involvement of people in high societal standing, and investigations seldom lead to a satisfactory result - the Portuguese Casa Pia scandal, where politicians and a national tv-show host were actually convicted, being the proverbial black swan.

Noemi, in this documentary, claims to have met Marc Dutroux, the Belgian pedophile who was convicted for kidnapping and killing several girls in the late 1990's, through her father. If this is true, it is explosive evidence of the case reaching beyond national borders, something that has always been suspected by researchers.

The two girls and the boy's stories are horrible beyond imagination - not only involving abuse, but also child-murders, infant sacrifices and instances of cannibalism. It's tempting to dismiss their stories as the product of imagination, given the trauma they have been through, but it should be stated that these testimonies are very similar to what the "X-witnesses" in the Dutroux affair claimed.

There is an excellent book: Les dossiers X: Ce que la Belgique ne devait pas savoir sur l'affaire Dutroux (the X-files: what Belgium wasn't allowed to know about the Dutroux affair) in which three investigative journalists research the story of Regina Louf, aka witness "X-1". She was the first to come forward with her story. Many believed her but then the press instigated a character assassination. The writers of this book however, not only find many credible details in her story, about never resolved murders of young girls in Belgium, but they also show beyond a doubt the whole investigation into the case was deliberately derailed by Belgian Justice.

We used to call them psychopaths - these creatures that appear on our planet physically in human form, but are not human beings.

We noted they are amoral. That should have given us a clue.

We noted they do not FEEL feelings. That should have instructed us.

We noted they are heartless. That should have set off the alarm.

These creatures lack elements which distinguish the human being. They exhibit no connection with, no understanding of what we call "morality," "honesty," "decency," "fair play," etc. They lack the faculty we call empathy. They lack the faculty we call introspection.

Mankind has spent centuries trying to make sense of these creatures as some form of human being. All in vain. Not only in vain, but at enormous on-going cost to our civilization. These creatures are not human beings gone wrong. They are a different species ... dedicated to the murder of human values ... as a prelude to the murder of human beings ... e.g., the tactics used by Nazis, past and present.

They laugh at us. They say: "No one understands us. People can't put themselves in the minds of men who act without a conscience. They try to understand, but they can't."

These creatures do not THINK human. They do not SPEAK human. They do not know what it is to BE human.

We classify them as "humanoid."

Yes, they have human form. If we manage to resist their onslaught long enough, we will eventually develop technical scanning equipment which will measure how different they are from human beings, despite their similarity of form.

In the meantime, the quality of our lives ... and often our very lives ... depends on our recognizing these creatures for what they are, and taking steps to neutralize their attempts to destroy us.

[...] Humanoids do not understand the distinction we humans make between good and evil. When they harm us, they do not understand why we call them evil. They do not understand why we have laws against murder. Their approach is to boast, even moralize over their victims.

Since they do not understand the reason for such laws, they argue they cannot be held accountable for their actions.

Not so. While they take the position the law does not apply to them, they do know the law was enacted to apply to everyone. Furthermore, if they try to claim they didn't know there was such a law, we respond with a firmly established principle: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse."

When they use those arguments, they make it clear they will continue to operate in accordance with their structure. We may look for remorse (a human capacity). We find none. They do not think of themselves as promulgating evil. They are simply doing what it is in their structure to do. The rattlesnake does not think of itself as evil when it injects poison. It is simply doing what it is in its structure to do.

Experience has shown humanoids continue to behave in the ways of their species . . murdering human values as a prelude to murdering human beings. Nazis demonstrate this graphically.

The issue as to whether to hold them "accountable," in our human sense of the word, has to be divided into two parts. We do not hold them accountable for BEING what they are. We do hold them accountable for the damage they DO.

When a dog gets rabies, we don't hold the dog accountable for becoming rabid. What we do, as a matter of self-protection, is put the dog down BEFORE it bites us, BEFORE it infects us.

We do not hold the rattlesnake accountable for HAVING poison fangs. What we do, as a matter of self-protection, is kill the rattlesnake BEFORE it kills us.

So with the humanoid. We need to be on our guard at the first sign of a murder of human values.
Amos M. Gunsberg, Beyond Insanity


Korean office tower evacuated after mysterious shaking

© AP-YonhapTwo men walk out of an office building, carrying their computers with them, in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Korea ordered hundreds of people Tuesday to stay out of the high-rise shopping mall in Seoul that shook briefly for unknown reasons, an official said.
Authorities in Seoul, South Korea, ordered the evacuation of a 39-story office building Tuesday after occupants reported that it shook for about 10 minutes, local media reported.

There was no seismic activity reported at the time of the tremors, which began about 10:10 a.m., according to a report in The Korea Times.


The Mysterious World of Super-Injunctions Hits Home

© unknownProtecting privacy or destroying freedom of speech?
Super-injunctions. Hard to know where to start, really. Because it's all a bit of a mess. I guess most people know by now that there are injunctions and there are 'super-injunctions'.

Super-injunctions differ from ordinary injunctions because, in layman's language, it is a contempt of court, potentially punishable by imprisonment, to divulge the existence of such an injunction.

The Ryan Giggs case has made privacy super-injunctions highly controversial (and possibly undesirable, but that's another matter). The internet has called into question the very nature of the enforcibility of such injunctions.

So serious is the issue surrounding privacy injunctions and super-injunctions that it has led directly led to tensions between the legislature and the executive on one hand, and the judiciary on the other. A convincing case is being made that judges are making law rather than enforcing it.

As usual, these issues are not subject to the same white heat of scrutiny here as they are nationally. However, thanks to TUV leader Jim Allister, we now know that at least four super-injunctions have been granted by the Northern Ireland High Court since 2007.

Mr Allister, who solicited the information from Justice Minister David Ford in an Assembly answer, quite properly said he hoped the information "may stimulate some necessary debate" on the issue.