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Fri, 05 Jun 2020
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Secret Service agents wounded outside White House, car bombs feared; official says Trump was taken to bunker

riot cops white house
© AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Police form a line on H Street as demonstrators gather to protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington.
A senior official in the direct chain of command for defending Washington D.C. told Fox News that more than 50 Secret Service officers have been injured Sunday night so far, and that some rioters are throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails.

As observed in New York City and elsewhere, groups in D.C. are planting cars filled with incendiary materials for future use, Fox News is told.

U.S. Marshals and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents have been deployed to the streets of D.C. in an extraordinary move to beef up security alongside local police and Homeland Security agents, including the Secret Service, the Justice Department confirmed late Sunday. Fox News has learned U.S. Attorney for D.C. Mike Sherwin is heavily involved in the operation.

Comment: See also:


There will be a lot more rioting, looting and civil unrest as the US economy continues to crumble

What we have been witnessing on the streets of Minneapolis is just the beginning. Our nation is so deeply divided, and a large portion of the population is losing faith in the basic institutions that govern our society. Personally, I don't know how anyone can watch the video of what happened to George Floyd without having an emotional reaction. Police brutality has been a massive problem in the United States for many years, and it has gotten to the point where most of the country no longer has faith in the police. Of course the rioters are not helping their cause by burning down the communities that they are supposedly defending. And after causing so much chaos on Wednesday night, protesters were back in the streets of Minneapolis on Thursday...
Protests and, in some cases, violence, continued Thursday in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody after a white officer pinned him to the ground under his knee.

Hundreds of protesters flooded Minneapolis streets Thursday evening for a march through downtown. Traffic was halted as a crowd of people stretched for up to four blocks. Protesters shouted "I can't breathe" and "no justice, no peace; prosecute the police" as volunteer marshals in highlighter-colored vests directed traffic.
Sadly, this is just a small preview of what is coming to major cities all over America.

If you think that these riots about police brutality are intense, just wait until the economic riots start.

Comment: Though the events in Minneapolis look like they were, in part - paid for, agitated and provoked - the author's analysis pretty much still holds. Unemployment was already bad (and under-reported) prior to the virus, the economy was set to destruct prior to the virus. And keeping millions under the hysterical lockdown has already proven incredibly detrimental to the mental health of many. When the Big Crash does finally occur, and the checks have run out, and the dollar has one tenth of its current value - we may see wide-spread civil unrest the likes of which the US has never seen.

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Covid19 and the denial of veridical reality

hear no evil
It probably hasn't passed anyone by that the covid19 crisis, whether manufactured or exploited, has caused great schisms in the alternative media.

Almost from day one there was a divide between those who opted to accept and even endorse the rollout of authoritarian measures by governments around the world as 'necessary evils' (or even as harbingers of a world socialist revolution; beats me how that is supposed to work but still), and those who pointed out that this rollout was at best flagrantly disproportionate and opportunistic, and at worst a planned response to a planned or cynically manipulated 'pandemic'.

Over the last few months the position of the latter has become stronger by the day, while that of the former has been weakened to the point of collapse.

As we have pointed out many times the official data has never supported the panic memes. In fact the two entities, data and narrative, co-exist almost independently of one another, telling mutually contradictory stories, without anyone in the Panic-sphere (to coin a phrase) seeming to notice or mind very much.

It's as if on this topic some very smart people have been hypnotised or vaccinated against fact. They see the numbers, they read the data, but it just does not compute.

Comment: An excellent reminder to not take everything a respected thought-leader says as correct - just because they know what they're talking about on some matters. Every issue must be given its due. And every individual has their own biases and deficits of worldly knowledge and self-knowledge that can benefit from self examination, and a commitment to get to the bottom of things.


YouTube removes video from Free Speech Union's Toby Young after he criticized coronavirus lockdown measures

video from Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union
Another coronavirus video goes down for "violating YouTube's Community Guidelines."

YouTube has censored a video from Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union and a prominent critic of lockdown measures, for "violating YouTube's Community Guidelines."

The clip, which was titled "The Case Against Lockdowns," features Young discussing why he believes lockdown measures are a mistake during a panel discussion organized by the Institute of Arts and Ideas and also shows Michael Levitt, a Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, nodding enthusiastically.

Comment: YouTube can't have such credible individuals as those mentioned above speaking out against lockdown now, can they!


Sajid Javid warns of surge in child sex abuse due to 'perfect storm' created by lockdown

Sajid Javid
The economic impact of the lockdown will pale by comparison to the "perfect storm" leaving vulnerable children "isolating alongside their abusers", Sajid Javid has warned.

Writing for The Telegraph, the former Home Secretary said the current restrictions appeared to be facilitating a "surge" in sexual abuse of children which he predicted would be reflected in figures later this year.

Mr Javid is to lead a new "no holds barred" investigation into child sexual abuse in Britain, along with the Centre for Social Justice think tank. Mr Javid said the inquiry would not be impeded by "cultural and political sensitivities" after the men convicted in recent high-profile cases were disproportionately of Pakistani, Kashmiri, Bangladeshi and Bengali heritage.

His intervention follows repeated warnings by children's charities about the increased risks of child abuse while children are being kept at home during the lockdown.

Comment: The lockdown was supposed to protect the vulnerable, but as we can see the PTB don't really have much interest in that.

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US has deadliest police culture in modern world, they only know incarceration & brutality - George Floyd family co-counsel

George Floyd mural
© REUTERS/Christian Mang
George Floyd died at the hands of uniformed officers, proving yet again that the US has the "deadliest police culture," the like of which is nowhere to be found in the modern world, his family lawyer told RT's Ruptly video agency.

Public outrage over police brutality - fueled by the arrest and death of African American man George Floyd in Minnesota - is wreaking havoc across US cities.

Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney and one of the counsels for the Floyd family, told Ruptly that the country's law enforcement agencies stand out as notorious among their foreign counterparts.

"America has the deadliest police culture in the modern world. There is no nation on the planet that kills and incarcerates more of its people," he said.

"They only know two things: incarceration and brutality."

Comment: Below is just some of the events that have been unfolding over the past couple of days:

Jail records show most arrested in Minneapolis riots have Minnesota addresses
The overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection with the Minneapolis unrest have Minnesota addresses, a search of the online Hennepin County Jail log shows.

Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9.

Speaking Saturday, Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder, however, said that sometimes people arrested will provide false information. He says background checks are showing some people arrested have records from other areas.

Meanwhile, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter is backtracking after saying that 100 percent of the people arrested for causing disorder in his city Friday were from out of state.

Three-quarters of the people arrested in St. Paul had Minnesota addresses, according to data provided to FOX 9 by police.

Of the 18 total arrests, 12 had Minnesota addresses, four were from out of state, and two were unknown.

Saturday evening, Carter acknowledged his earlier statement was inaccurate.
MASSIVE rallies block roads in Los Angeles as anti-police-brutality protesters demand justice for George Floyd
Huge crowds have hit the streets for the fourth consecutive day in Los Angeles after the death of George Floyd triggered massive anti-police-brutality rallies, which have escalated into riots across the US.

Aerial footage shows massive crowds on 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue. The march has been peaceful so far, but police have deployed 'additional resources' to maintain order.

Police cars set ABLAZE near Philadelphia City Hall as protest erupts into violence & vandalism
Multiple police vehicles went up in flames in the heart of Philadelphia amid a raging protest over the death of George Floyd, as authorities warned that vandalism and other criminal acts "will not be tolerated."

The march against police brutality was initially peaceful but descended into rioting and clashes with officers on Saturday afternoon.

Police used batons to drive the crowd away from City Hall, where the violence erupted after some of the protesters threw glass bottles and metal barricades at SWAT officers, according to local media.

In the meantime, several stores were looted in Center City, Philadelphia's main business district.

Los Angeles declares CURFEW as George Floyd protest descends into CHAOS
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has imposed a curfew from 8pm to ensure the safety of "all citizens," after massive anti-police-brutality protests erupted into clashes and rioting.

The massive demonstrations, organized by Black Lives Matter activists, were initially peaceful. However, the situation on the ground remained tense, and the rallies descended into clashes with police on Saturday afternoon.
Riot police fire tear gas at protesters outside Miami Police Department
Tensions have escalated in Florida, where crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters descended on Miami streets to denounce police brutality and face off with cops in riot gear.

Riot police deployed tear gas and reportedly fired rubber bullets at an agitated crowd that converged on a police department garage in downtown Miami. While the majority of the protesters seemed peaceful, several people were seen throwing objects at police who were protecting the building.

WATCH enraged protesters breach CBS studio gates in Los Angeles
Rioters used large wheeled garbage containers to smash through the main gate of the CBS television complex during mass protest rallies and unrest in Los Angeles.

A video from the scene shows a large crowd of violent protesters ramming the fence with garbage containers and breaking it open. People also threw projectiles into the security guard booth.

Nashville courthouse vandalized & set on FIRE as riot police try to disperse anti-brutality protesters with tear gas
Protesters in Nashville, Tennessee broke into Metro Courthouse, setting fires inside, as peaceful anti-police-brutality rallies slip into chaos and rioting all across the US.

Thousands of people marched peacefully through the city and gathered in the Public Square Park, chanting slogans against police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

The violence eventually erupted after some of the protesters were seen burning US flags and spray-painting anti-police slogans on the walls of the Metropolitan Nashville Courthouse - while several rioters managed to break in and set a fire inside.

In the wake of the unrest, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee authorized the National Guard to mobilize in Nashville "in response to protests that have now taken a violent, unlawful turn..."
Tear gas & flash-bangs outside Colorado State Capitol as protesters defy Denver curfew
Denver police have warned citizens that they will be arrested if they don't abide by the curfew, introduced after Black Lives Matter protests escalated into clashes with reports of sporadic looting across the city.

The protest march began peacefully but escalated into violence on Saturday afternoon as some in the crowd started throwing fireworks and water bottles at police, local media reported.

A curfew was imposed in Denver from 8pm to 5am, with police warning citizens that they will be arrested if they fail to leave "all public areas." Curfews had earlier been imposed in downtown Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, Utah, where rioting also occurred.
'Light em up!' WATCH National Guard patrol residential area in Minneapolis & shoot paint at people on their OWN FRONT PORCHES
Police and the National Guard have been sweeping residential streets in Minneapolis, ordering residents to obey the curfew - and marking those who refuse to go inside with paint, triggering a new wave of outrage over police abuse.

A squad of heavily equipped National Guardsmen and police officers were seen running through a street in a suburban area of Minneapolis. The footage that surfaced online shows them approaching residents who were recording their passage, yelling "Get inside, go inside!"

Eventually, one officer can be heard shouting "light 'em up!" at which point the squad fires off volleys of paint at the bystanders. They swiftly take cover inside.

Anonymous declares WAR on Minneapolis Police in video message attributed to hacker group
Hacker collective Anonymous has purportedly begun to target the Minneapolis Police Department, accusing the force of systemic violence and corruption while serving as an instrument for "the ruling class."

A video message posted to an Anonymous Facebook page with 11 million followers accused the Minneapolis Police of condoning behavior that led to the death of George Floyd.

"People have had enough of this corruption and violence from an organization that promises to keep them safe," the masked narrator says.

The group called for criminal charges to be brought against all of the officers who were filmed detaining Floyd before his death.
Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, so we will be exposing your many crimes to the world.
The group claimed that the police force exists to "carry out the will of the criminal ruling class."
An eye for an eye? Enraged protesters violently drag & toss cop in Chicago amid George Floyd protests
A pair of cops were quickly overrun and wrestled to the ground by angry protesters during massive anti-police-brutality rallies in Chicago, with one female officer being violently dragged for several feet.

A widely shared video, captured in the middle of heavy demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, shows the infuriated crowd swarm and hit two police officers as they apparently tried to detain a protester.

A fracas suddenly broke out, with the cops being aggressively pushed to the ground by the demonstrators. The male officer managed to get to his feet while protecting himself against several protesters.
He then tried to rescue his female partner, who was dragged and tossed along the pavement.

The physical altercation ended when bystanders urged the attackers to stop, forming a kind of protective ring around the officers.

'Like posing after a big game kill': Uncle of George Floyd tells RT about watching cops brutalize his nephew
The Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd acted like he was hunting an animal, the victim's uncle has told RT. He expressed hope that the tragedy could lead to change, but urged people against violence.

Derek Chauvin, the policeman filmed pinning his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes, seemed to have "no remorse" for what he did, Selwyn Jones said, describing the viral video of the incident.
He had a monster look in his eye. Like, you know what, 'This is my job to do this'... He looked like he was posing after a big animal kill, a big game kill.
Speaking from Gettysburg, South Dakota, Jones said that the fate of his nephew illustrates how black men in America are targeted by police purely on the basis of their skin color.

"The only thing he did was do what they told him to do. And you know what the outcome was - he died. He got killed," he noted.

NYPD police cruisers RUN INTO crowds of protesters in terrifying video
A pair of NYPD vehicles lurched through a crowd of New Yorkers that swarmed them amid the nationwide demonstrations over the death of Minnesotan George Floyd at the hands of police.

The terrifying footage, that garnered millions of views, starts with a Ford SUV facing multiple protesters who had installed a barricade blocking passage through a street in New York. The demonstrators are seen pelting things at the car and hitting it with their hands.

With lights flashing and sirens turned on, the police car briefly waits for another vehicle to arrive. Once it approaches the crowd, both cruisers accelerate, smashing the makeshift barrier and running over people.

Panic breaks out as protesters run in different directions.

'It's not who we are!' County sheriff in Michigan JOINS march against police brutality
A sheriff in a Michigan county took an impressive step amid the massive George Floyd-inspired rallies, laying down his protective gear and marching side by side with protesters. His unorthodox gesture was met with glee.

Crowds of protesters had been amassing outside the Flint Township police station since earlier in the day, demanding justice for the slain Minnesotan George Floyd, and venting anger at police brutality. Shortly afterwards, Genesee County sheriff Chris Swanson turned up at the rally, engaging in a candid talk with those demonstrating.

"We want to be with you, I took my helmet off and laid the batons down. I want to make this a parade, not a protest," he passionately tells people, assuring his officers won't go tough on them.

"These cops love you, this cop over here hugs people," Swanson is heard, in footage that went viral.
He then shouts repeatedly "Let's go, let's move," joining the march.

'It's going to be a warzone x 10': Minneapolis activist tells RT more violence lays ahead for city rocked by protests, riots
An activist in Minneapolis has warned of more and heavier unrest in her city, following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. She also warned that widescale systemic change would be needed in order to restore peace.

Kayla Johnson recounted how she had been attacked by the Minneapolis police while peacefully demonstrating. The activist told RT that before riots and looting broke out earlier this week, non-violent protests had been met with rubber bullets, tear gas and other strong-arm tactics.

"I got hit with a flash grenade in my arm. The Minneapolis Police Department ended up giving me a second-degree burn for peacefully protesting. That's the type of world we live in right now," she said.

The community must take a stand and show no fear, Johnson urged, adding that order will only be restored once there are changes "within the system."
The saying is no justice no peace, and that statement is literal.
However, she also claimed that "opportunists have already taken charge" of some of the protests, and alleged that white supremacists had "initiated the looting" in the city. The situation is likely to escalate, even though people have been ordered to stay home, the activist added.

iSnatch? Apple Store LOOTED during DC riots over George Floyd killing
Dozens of looters broke into a lavish Apple Store in the US capital, ransacking its stocks and smashing windows. Many of the company's retail outlets in other states have endured the same fate recently.

Footage that surfaced online captured looters swarming Apple's DC store gates and leaving wreckage behind, while others roam chaotically inside.

The facade of the building was ultimately vandalized, with social media users suggesting that nothing was left inside after looters missed no chance of coming away with a trophy.

Elsewhere across the US, Apple stores have also fallen victims to looting. Countless videos show scenes of destruction and chaos in Philadelphia, Portland, Charleston, and Los Angeles.
Dallas rioters savagely beat man to a pulp after he confronts them with a SWORD
As looting and mayhem gripped the streets of Dallas, Texas, a mob descended on a man allegedly defending his neighborhood with a long blade. Punched, kicked and pelted with rocks, the man was left mangled and bloody.

Lawlessness continued to reign supreme in Dallas on Saturday night, five days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked nationwide protests and riots. Following an afternoon of mostly peaceful protests, nightfall saw a spree of vandalism and looting in downtown Dallas.

In one shocking and graphic video captured by Blaze TV's Elijah Schaffer, a man was set upon by a mob, after allegedly rushing rioters with a large machete or sword. He was quickly surrounded and beaten with rocks, fists, boots, and a skateboard.

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St. Patrick's Cathedral desecrated with protest graffiti

St Patrick's Cathedral Graffiti
© Christopher Sadowsk
Graffiti on St Patrick's Cathedral in the wake of the George Floyd protests today.
Is nothing sacred?

Protesters desecrated St. Patrick's Cathedral with graffiti Saturday, staining stairs and spewing hatred on two walls.

The graffiti on one wall on Fifth Avenue and 51st Street read "F-k F-k" in red letters. On an adjacent wall, vandals scrawled "BLM" — for Black Lives Matter — along with "NYPDK" in red letters and "No justice no peace" in black letters.

One of the stairs was spray-painted with "George Floyd" in black letters.

A Post reporter spotted the vandalism at around 6:30 p.m. Police at the scene declined immediate comment.


Denver police chief: Officers found weapons, gas cans planted in protest area

Police Chief Paul Pazen said Denver officers confiscated weapons in the protest area Saturday afternoon, including canisters of gasoline.

Pazen in an interview with Denver7 showed a picture of some of the weapons that officers found inside of a backpack, including a hatchet and a heavy chain. Pazen said officers also found two five-gallon canisters of gas that were planted in the area.

"Nothing like that has any place in a peaceful protest and we need to make sure that the good people of Denver who want to have their voices heard, they police themselves," Pazen said. "They make sure these individual agitators do not take control or hijack their peaceful message."


Italy: Lombardy governor given police escort as COVID anger mounts

Milan protesters
© Reuters/Flavio Lo Scalzo
People with flags protest lockdown measures in Milan, Italy, May 18, 2020.
The governor of Lombardy, the northern region at the epicentre of Italy's coronavirus outbreak, said on Wednesday that he had been given a police escort after growing criticism of his administration's handling of the crisis.

Lombardy, Italy's richest and most populous region and the motor of its economy, is one of the worst affected areas of the world by the coronavirus, accounting for around half of the country's more than 32,000 dead.

The regional government, controlled by opposition leader Matteo Salvini's anti-immigrant League party, has seen approval ratings plunge amid angry attacks on its response and on health sector reforms by previous League governments that many say left the region badly prepared to face the epidemic.

Regional governor Attilio Fontana, a close Salvini ally, gave no details of the security escort but said the decision to assign one had not been at his request but had been decided by the "relevant authorities".
"I'm sorry for the sake of my family who have been a bit worried. Over recent days, there's been too much venom. Unfortunately, it's the result of lies told by certain political forces which have poisoned the atmosphere and stirred up this dangerous climate of hatred."
The decision to assign the escort, as Italy has begun to ease lockdown restrictions imposed almost three months ago, highlighted widespread public anger at the handling of both the health crisis and the lockdown measures.

Comment: Disruption, death and defiance - life in 3-D has become unbearable to many, predictable by some, a calculated opportunity to the few.


Blame Russia? Predictable MSM allegations say Moscow responsible for US anti-police-brutality riots

CNN sign
© Reuters/Dustin Chambers
People gather at CNN Center during a protest in Atlanta, Georgia, US. May 29, 2020.
It's completely predictable that politicians and news outlets are pointing the finger at Russia for riots across the US, analysts told RT, since blaming the Kremlin for everything inconvenient has become an American pastime.

Nationwide demonstrations against the death of George Floyd have descended into rioting and looting in many cities, creating chaos - as well as political opportunism. Efforts to scapegoat Russia for the crisis are par for the course, George Szamuely, a senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute told RT. According to Szamuely, America's "liberal elite" has latched onto the idea that the Kremlin is lurking around every corner - a "habit" that took root after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election.
"It was entirely to be expected. I was wondering how long it would take the mainstream media to find a Russian angle. Of course, there's not the slightest evidence for this, but that's to be expected. The people who are presenting this whole 'Russia is to blame' narrative, they still haven't got over 2016. It's a replay of the same Trump-Russia collusion story for which there has been no evidence."
He predicted that the riots would ultimately end up helping US President Donald Trump politically, as more and more Americans demand a return to law and order. As such, Democrats are desperate to find some way of painting the mayhem as yet another sinister - and baseless - Trump-Russia conspiracy.

Comment: No big surprise. A certain percentage of the clueless, biased, corrupted, insensitive population fans the flames of this leftist default narrative. The US sees Russia every time it looks in the mirror.