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It's going to be a very big push and will complement other protests taking place throughout Europe.

Poland has the largest number of family farms in Europe - over one million. These farms are a vital resource not just for national food production but also for the maintenance of Poland's unique biodiversity. Particular to this Polish farmer's effort will be a central attack on 'Green New Deal' (see below) which is of course a critically important issue vis-a-vis ensuring the future of all farmers/farming.

Green New Deal links directly into the Agenda 2030 'Sustainability' program whereby the WEF proposes to 100% disenfranchise farmers and substitute synthetic GMO laboratory foods for real food grown in real soil.

[The Following is] a part of the announcement of the NSZZ of Individual Farmers "Solidarity" on the General Strike (from February 9 to March 10, 2024):
"...Our patience has been exhausted. The position of Brussels at the end of January 2024 is unacceptable to the entire agricultural community. In addition, the lack of response from the Polish authorities and declarations of cooperation with the European Commission, along with announcements to respect all decisions on the import of agricultural and food products from Ukraine, leave us no choice but to declare a general strike...We cannot accept the implementation of the "European Green Deal", the European Union's farm-to-table strategy and the proposed form of the Common Agricultural Policy.

The Polish government must present a clear plan for agricultural production, its profitability, the reconstruction of domestic processing and trade. We will fight for this until it happens. Polish farm families are the foundation of our country's food security....

We ask compatriots to be understanding and aware of the situation in which we all find ourselves. We are fighting for our common good, which is to save Polish family-owned, often multi-generational farms from collapse and bankruptcy...."
Map of agricultural protests starting on February 9, 2024:
map poland
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