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Tue, 22 Oct 2019
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'Lazarus phenomena': Declared dead twice by two hospitals, woman revives and dies again in Chandigarh, India

corpse on gurney
In first documented case of its kind in India, a woman was recently officially declared dead twice by two different city hospitals, and on both occasions she was alive until being declared dead.

The 45-year-old woman, who was earlier declared dead by another hospital, was brought to the Emergency of the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH)-32, Chandigarh. Her carotid artery pulse was beating, her ECG showed spikes and her vital organs were intact. However, after undergoing treatment for two hours, she died.

The case was reported by the GMCH 32 doctors recently at their conference.

According to them, last month, the woman was declared dead in the Government Multispecialty Hospital (GMSH)-16. However, after a gap of 3 hours, when the body was packed and kept in the ambulance, her relatives noticed signs of her body regaining life.

"She was taken to GMCH-32 and admitted to the Emergency and given treatment. However, she died again after 2 hours. In medical terms, this is called 'Lazarus phenomena' and worldwide only 38 such cases have been reported so far," said Dr Dasari Harish, head of the forensic medicine department, GMCH-32.

Comment: A number of variants of this scenario have come to light in other news stories:


Shameful: Millions hungry and food insecure in the US

food pantry
Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, hunger, food insecurity, and overall deprivation affect million of households in the world's richest country USA.

Why? It's because both right wings of its war party devote most of the nation's discretionary income for militarism, maintaining the Pentagon's global empire of bases, and endless aggression in multiple theaters — along with bailouts for and handouts to corporate America.

In the new millennium alone, countless trillions of dollars went for the above interests, combined with tax cuts for the rich, while food stamps and other social justice programs are fast eroding to help pay for them as the national debt soars by over $1 trillion annually.

Most US households with one or more working members have little or no savings — leaving them vulnerable to hunger and homelessness from one or more missed paychecks.

According to Feeding America, 79% of US households the organization aids rely on "inexpensive unhealthy food to feed their families," 84% of households with children functioning this way.


African swine fever outbreak devastates world food supply

swine fever deaths
You cannot get away from it, at least in print or in Google land. African swine fever is doing its rounds, cutting through the swine population of Asia with remorseless dedication. Since its deadly debut in China last year, it has done away with some 25 percent of the globe's pig population. The symptoms are dramatic and lethal (mortality rates range from 95 to 100 percent), with the infected animal haemorrhaging and perishing between a period of five to fifteen days. This decline has sparked all manner of comment: a feared deprivation of pork dishes, a spark of hope in exports of pork untouched by the disease and alternative meat supplies, and the more serious issue of food security.

In China itself, the decline of pork is causing a strain of desperation, though it is always marked by reassurance and stiff-upper lip confidence. Pork supplies, both domestically and internationally, had been seen to be something of an essential in Chinese food security. In September, the country's pig population, numbering some 440 million animals, had shrunk by 41.1 percent. While figures coming out of various Chinese ministries should be viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism, the numbers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs have caused a stir. Such contractions are perpetuating and will continue to perpetuate a loss in the global consumption of protein.


Rush hour rumble: Livid Londoners drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off Tube train roof

Extinction Rebellion London Tube
© Courtesy ITV News
Extinction Rebellion's planned protest to disrupt public transport in London during rush hour took an unexpected turn when commuters dragged the activists off a train roof before staff came to their aid.

The scene unfolded at Canning Town Tube station on the Jubilee line, where the protesters were besieged on all sides of the trains before being unceremoniously dragged back down to Earth and dumped on the platform.

London Underground staff were forced to intervene to defend the protesters from the angry crowd.

Comment: Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News adds:
London Underground staff had to intervene to prevent the protesters getting a substantial beating.

Another video shows commuters arguing with one of the protesters before forcing her to admit she's a hypocrite.

Police said four protesters were arrested.

The official Extinction Rebellion Twitter account later tried to compare their activists to Rosa Parks, despite the fact the footage shows white middle class activists being confronted by a mixed crowd which includes numerous black people.

As we document in the video below, the 'Extinction Rebellion' protest movement is one huge virtue signal centered around middle and upper middle class people lecturing working class people on how to live their lives.


World's largest child porn bust: 100s arrested, ringleader charged after feds crack dark web bitcoin transactions

© Global Look / Oleksiy Maksymenko
A South Korean man has been charged with running the largest-ever dark web child porn ring, hosting nearly eight terabytes of vile videos depicting sexual exploitation of children and infants. Hundreds of users have been arrested.

Jong Woo Son is facing multiple federal child porn charges for running a massive trove of child sexual exploitation that investigators have called the "world's largest dark web child porn marketplace," a nine-count indictment unsealed on Wednesday has revealed. The charges include advertising and distributing child porn as well as money laundering.

US federal investigators were able to trace the site to Son's home thanks to a computer glitch that revealed his IP address. Servers that were home to some 200,000 different videos, uploaded by members of the site in exchange for "points" allowing them to view more of the depraved content, were kept in his own bedroom.


Don't blame meat for the climate crisis, say European livestock farmers

Meat the facts
© Meat the facts
European Livestock Voice is using its website to put both sides of the argument over eating meat.
Meat and farmed animals are wrongly blamed for the climate crisis without considering their benefits for society, argues a new campaign launched by the livestock industry in Europe.

Billboards appeared this week in Brussels metro stations together with a social media campaign #meatthefacts. The adverts are being funded by European Livestock Voice, which is backed by organisations representing EU farmers, foie gras producers and the fur and leather industry.

"We believe this campaign is necessary in order to address misinformation," said a spokesperson for Livestock Voice. The group said they want people "to think about the whole picture and all the consequences that simplistic speeches calling ... for a 'drastic reduction of livestock' could have on Europe's rural areas and on society in general."

Comment: It's too bad that European Livestock Voice feels it has to kowtow to the 'some people eat too much meat' narrative, but given the level of brainwashing in the general populace, it's not surprising.

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Dutch family discovered living in cellar for nine years waiting for world's end

Dutch family farm end of world
An aerial picture taken on October 15, 2019 shows a view of the farm where a father and six children had been living in the cellar, In Ruinerwold, northern Netherlands.
Authorities in the Netherlands have launched a major investigation after an apparent family of 7 was discovered living in the basement of an isolated farm, allegedly "waiting for the end of time."

Police in Drenthe said on Twitter that someone reported they were worried about the living conditions of people who were living in "an enclosed space" on a farm located just outside the town of Ruinerwold.

When police went to the home on the farm on Monday, they discovered six adults aged 18-25 inside and a 58-year-old man who "did not want to cooperate with the investigation" and was subsequently arrested. It's unclear what relationship exactly the 58-year-old held with the others, but some reports described them as a "family".

"All scenarios are still open. Our research is in full swing and we cannot share more information at this time," police said.

Comment: See also: For 40 years, this Russian family was cut off from all human contact, unaware of World War II


Toilet rolls & tensions fly high in Barcelona amid fresh rallies in support of jailed pro-independence leaders

Catalonia protests
© Reuters / Jon Nazca
Defying Madrid's demand to "firmly" keep order, supporters of jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders launched a fresh rally in Barcelona. The protest later turned into scuffles with police and barricades were also set ablaze.

The unrest is gripping the Catalan capital, as well as other cities, for the third consecutive day. The mass rallies were sparked by Spain's Supreme Court's Monday ruling that sentenced nine Catalan pro-independence top brass to jail terms between nine and 13 years over their roles in the failed 2017 independence bid.

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Seven-story residential building collapses in Fortaleza, Brazil

fortaleza building collapse
A seven-storey residential building has collapsed in the city of Fortaleza in north-eastern Brazil, killing at least one person, firefighters say.

Seven people were rescued after the building came crashing down. But 10 more are feared trapped in the rubble.

A student who was trapped sent a smiling "selfie" to family members to show he was well, O Globo website says. He was later rescued.

Rescuers risk being caught in further collapses, officials warn.

Comment: See also: 2 dead, seven injured after apartment block collapses in Istanbul (February 6th 2019)


The most busted name in news: The rise and fall of CNN

CNN newsroom
As new revelations about CNN emerge from Project Veritas (see also ExposeCNN.com for updates), here is a backgrounder I wrote and published several years ago. It brings back fond memories, and offers the beleaguered children at CNN solutions to their never-ending problems...
"CNN is still licking their wounds after a rather disastrous couple of weeks, where a shoddy Russia-Trump story led to three staffers resigning, a Project Veritas investigation exposed that the network's producers peddled the Russia story for ratings, and what came off as a wholly inappropriate veiled threat against an anonymous Reddit user who created a Trump WWE video, which the president tweeted before the Fourth of July Holiday. The video shows Trump beating up WWE's Vince McMahon, whose face has been superimposed with the CNN logo. The media went apoplectic as an attack against the press; it wasn't. This spurred the network's reporters to find the user and pretty much threaten to dox him if he continues to post things CNN doesn't like." (Townhall, Matt Vespa, 7/7/17)
If you create a giant, you gain extraordinary visibility, and if the giant develops an unsightly and grotesque case of fungal disease, that's a problem.

CNN was born in 1980. At the time, it was the first television network offering 24/7 news, and it was the first network offering nothing but news in the US.

In 1991, CNN's coverage of the Gulf War reached a billion viewers worldwide.

Today, CNN International reaches 200 countries.

That's a giant.

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