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Fri, 25 Jun 2021
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China must allow another international probe into Covid-19 origin or face ISOLATION, Biden's security adviser says

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan
© REUTERS/Leah Millis
White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan takes questions during a press briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S., June 7, 2021.
China has a choice of either giving in to the Western powers' demand and allowing another WHO-led probe into Covid-19's origin or being ostracized by the international community, Joe Biden's security adviser Jake Sullivan warned.

The US president's national security adviser issued the stern warning to China during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Asked whether Biden intends to insist that a potential second probe into the origins of the virus must be an "independent" investigation, Sullivan said that the president had convinced Washington's allies in the G7 to pile pressure on Beijing.
"It is that diplomatic spadework - rallying the nations of the world, imposing political and diplomatic pressure on China, that is a core part of the effort we are undertaking to ultimately face China with a stark choice," Sullivan said.

Comment: It looks like the Chinese authorities know much more about the virus' origin than they publicly admit.

Whether or not they make public the information they have and reveal the true origin of the virus remains to be seen.

The US accusing the Wuhan lab of creating the virus is probably just a cover story.

The US government and the PTB will never allow real and independent investigations of their Maryland-based bio lab, Fort Detrick.

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Oil Well

Saudi Arabia agrees to restart Pakistan oil deal to curb Iranian influence - officials

Khan saudi salman
Tensions between the two countries appeared to ease after Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Saudi Arabia in May.
Saudi Arabia has agreed to restart oil aid to Pakistan in an effort to steer Islamabad away from Iranian influence, Pakistani officials told the Financial Times.

A senior Pakistani official told the newspaper that the deal, worth at least $1.5bn annually, would restart in July after the previous oil credit of $3.4bn was put on hold last year when ties frayed.

"Our relations with Saudi Arabia have recovered from [a downturn] earlier," the senior Pakistani official said.

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Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge

wray biden pelosi maga
Of all the questions asked, words spoken, and ink spilled on the so-called "Capitol Siege" of January 6, 2021, none hold the key to the entire event quite like the question Sen. Amy Klobuchar asked of Christopher Wray.

The Democrat from Minnesota asked the Trump-appointed FBI Director: Did the federal government infiltrate any of the so-called "militia" organizations claimed to be responsible for planning and executing the Capitol Siege?

The full segment is available on YouTube.

Christopher Wray is able to uncomfortably weasel his way out of answering the question directly, partially because Klobuchar does him the courtesy of not asking him the question directly. Klobuchar instead asks the FBI director if he wishes he had infiltrated the militia organizations allegedly involved in 1/6 — assuming from the outset that there was in fact no infiltration, thereby providing the FBI director an easy way to avoid addressing the question one way or another.

Star of David

Pay no attention to Tlaib and Omar, says Pelosi - but she does

Pelosi Schumer Saban
© Unknown
1 Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Haim Saban at the Israeli American Council
December 2018
Last month Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, assured a pro-Israel Jewish audience that the arrival of Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (and maybe also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) as critics of Israel would not affect the U.S. relationship with Israel.
"Remove all doubt in your mind. It's just a question of not paying attention to a few people who may want to go their own way, but as far as our Congress is concerned we try very hard to unify, to have bipartisanship in all of this... If you hear of one person or another- it's not about anything other than perhaps their individual vote."
But Pelosi also acknowledged the pressure from the left, when she called for a two state solution, and there were jeers from the right wing crowd.
"The principles we would hope to see there are a two state solution- [jeers]. I know there's controversy but the extreme left on this is asking for a one-state solution- so understand we have to strike the balance...."
That was surely an allusion to the progressive Democratic base that supports democracy over occupation; and to Omar and Tlaib's support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel for its treatment of Palestinians.

Comment: Pelosi not only told them what they wanted to hear, it was what she had been programmed to say...and believed it. Being elected to a position in the US government is akin to being elected to the Israeli Borg. Any deviation from the script requires an apology.

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Armenian PM wins snap election as rival alleges fraud

Nikol Pashinyan
© Celestino Arce Lavin/ZUMA Wire/REX/Shutterstock
Nikol Pashinyan has claimed victory in the parliamentary elections of Armenia
The party of Armenia's prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, has won 53.9% of the vote in snap parliamentary polls called in an effort to defuse a political crisis after a war with Azerbaijan, official results show.

An alliance led by his rival, ex-leader Robert Kocharyan, came second with 21%, according to the results based on ballots from 100%t of precincts counted.

A winning party or bloc needs to obtain at least 50% of seats plus one and can be assigned additional seats in order to form a government. Pashinyan hours earlier claimed victory based on early results, but Kocharyan's grouping swiftly contested the vote and alleged election fraud.

A record four electoral blocs and 21 parties ran for election on Sunday. The vote has been seen as a two-horse race, with both Pashinyan, 46, and Kocharyan, 66, drawing massive crowds in the run-up to the polls. Pashinyan announced early on Monday:
"The people of Armenia gave our Civil Contract party a mandate to lead the country and personally me to lead the country as prime minister. We already know that we won a convincing victory in the elections and we will have a convincing majority in parliament."
He urged supporters to turn up at Yerevan's main square Monday evening.


China's central bank warns state-owned lenders & Alipay to cut off bitcoin linked transactions

bitcoin mining
© Bloomberg
A bitcoin mining facility in Inner Mongolia, China. Chinese banks have been banned from dealing in bitcoin since late 2013.
China's central bank recently ordered banks, including four state-owned commercial banks, and leading mobile payments provider Alipay to cut off all transactions linked to bitcoin, stepping up its clamp down on cryptocurrencies in the country.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and the Postal Savings Bank of China were among financial companies that attended a regulatory discussion organised by the People's Bank of China (PBOC) recently. Other participants included the Fujian-based Industrial Bank, and Alipay (China), a subsidiary of Ant Group, which along with Tencent Holdings' WeChat Pay controls more than 90 per cent of China's mobile payments market.

"Virtual currency transactions and speculative activity have disrupted the normal order of the economy and financial [system]. They increase the risks of illegal cross-border transfers of assets and illegal activities such as money laundering," the PBOC said in a statement posted on its website on Monday.

Comment: RT reports:
Bitcoin has recently been trading around 50% below its record high of nearly $65,000 reached in mid-April.

Ether dropped over 10% to $2,009 per token, dogecoin fell by 9.83% to nearly $0.26. The market value of all cryptocurrencies is currently about $1.4 trillion compared to a high of around $2.6 trillion recorded in May.
China has made it quite clear why it does not want its economy that accounted for 90% of the speculative market, to be exposed to cryptocurrencies which "are not supported by real value" with prices that are easily manipulated, and contracts that are not protected by Chinese law.

A prime route of attack is to destabilize a country's economy, the financial crash of 2008 and the IMF's Shock Doctrine are just two examples, and China is clearly in the sights of certain factions for a takedown due to its continued defiance of the globalist agenda.

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West imposes 4th load of sanctions on Belarus over grounding of plane & arrest of activist Protasevich

© Getty Images / Anton Litvintsev
The European Union has imposed its fourth substantial package of economic sanctions against Belarus in recent months, on the same day as the US introduced measures against 16 individuals and five organizations within the country.

On Monday, Brussels announced that it would be targeting 78 individuals and eight organizations, said to be "made in view of the escalation of serious human rights violations in Belarus and the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition, and journalists."

Comment: Meanwhile legitimate whistleblower of crimes by the West, Julian Assange, after being hounded for nearly a decade, is currently locked up in a maximum security jail, where even the UN stated he was suffering torture conditions, and not a word from the EU.

As justification, the EU noted last month's now-infamous forced grounding of a Ryanair flight passing through Belarusian airspace.

Comment: The hypocrisy highlights that the West are clearly using this as an opportunity to punish Belarus for reasons other than their concern for an 'activist'. The real reasons likely include its friendly relations with Russia, and possibly its resistance to the coordinated lockdown hysteria that exposed the lies of the West's narrative:


Maricopa audit finds 'anomalies' — like 52 ballots submitted from a two-bedroom home

audit floor maricopa Ken Bennet arizona

(L) The Maricopa County audit floor (R) Ken Bennett
Former Arizona Secretary of State and current senate liaison for the Maricopa County audit, Ken Bennett, has said that they need to investigate anomalies such as 52 ballots that came from a single two-bedroom home.

Bennett was giving an update on the next steps in the audit during an interview with John Fredricks on the Outside The Beltway podcast.

Additionally, Bennett stated that the Maricopa Board of Supervisors is refusing to provide information related to the routers used and administrative passwords for the tabulation machines.

Comment: On a parallel track, accusations of media tampering are being flung back and forth between former president Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger. Even more interesting is the publication of 29 pages of notes created in real time by Carter Jones as the election count progressed in Fulton County. Fascinating Scribd document below:

The Gateway Pundit reports:
Brad Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany must be very concerned right now.

We've reported on the corrupt and criminal results that were certified by Georgia in the 2020 Election. Most recently we discussed the report that was provided to Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and yet he claimed the Georgia election was safe and secure after receiving this report showing a complete mess involving potential criminal actions.

We've reported in early December of the ballots in the State Farm arena in Fulton County Georgia being jammed through voting machines late at night after election observers were kicked out of the Arena. President Trump warned Raffensperger about these criminal acts and yet Raffensperger denied they existed.

President Trump warned Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany of the ballots being pulled from under the table and then jammed through voting machines. The President held a call with Raffensperger and Germany in early January and Raffensperger leaked portions of the call to the press. In one portion the President discusses Ruby's actions on election night:
Trump: But Cleta, even before you do that, and not even including that, that's why hardly even included that number, although in one state we have a tremendous amount of dead people. So I don't know — I'm sure we do in Georgia, too. I'm sure we do in Georgia too.

But, um, we're so far ahead. We're so far ahead of these numbers, even the phony ballots of [name], known scammer. You know the Internet? You know what was trending on the Internet? "Where's [name]?" Because they thought she'd be in jail. "Where's [name]?" It's crazy, it's crazy. That was. The minimum number is 18,000 for [name], but they think it's probably about 56,000, but the minimum number is 18,000 on the [name] night where she ran back in there when everybody was gone and stuffed, she stuffed the ballot boxes. Let's face it, Brad, I mean. They did it in slow motion replay magnified, right? She stuffed the ballot boxes. They were stuffed like nobody had ever seen them stuffed before.

So there's a term for it when it's a machine instead of a ballot box, but she stuffed the machine. She stuffed the ballot — each ballot went three times they were showing: Here's ballot No 1. Here it is second time, third time, next ballot.

I mean, look. Brad. We have a new tape that we're going to release. It's devastating. And by the way, that one event, that one event is much more than the 11,000 votes that we're talking about. It's uh, you know. That one event was a disaster. And it's just, you know, but it was, it was something, it can't be disputed. And again we have a version that you haven't seen but it's magnified. It's magnified and you can see everything. For some reason they put it in three times, each ballot, and I don't know why. I don't know why three times. Why not five times, right? Go ahead.

Raffensperger: You're talking about the State Farm video. And I think it's extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. The next day we brought in WSB-TV and we let them show, see the full run of tape and what you'll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected by, you know —

Trump: But where were the poll watchers, Brad? There were no poll watchers there. There were no Democrats or Republicans. There was no security there.

It was late in the evening, late in the, early in the morning, and there was nobody else in the room. Where were the poll watchers and why did they say a water main broke, which they did and which was reported in the newspapers? They said they left. They ran out because of a water main break, and there was no water main. There was nothing. There was no break. There was no water main break. But we're, if you take out everything, where were the Republican poll watchers, even where were the Democrat poll watchers, because there were none.

And then you say, well, they left their station, you know, if you look at the tape, and this was, this was reviewed by professional police and detectives and other people, when they left in a rush, everybody left in a rush because of the water main, but everybody left in a rush. These people left their station.

When they came back, they didn't go to their station. They went to the apron, wrapped around the table, under which were thousands and thousands of ballots in a box that was not an official or a sealed box. And then they took those. They went back to a different station. So if they would have come back, they would have walked to their station and they would have continued to work. But they couldn't do even that because that's illegal, because they had no Republican poll watchers. And remember, her reputation is deva — she's known all over the Internet, Brad. She's known all over.

I'm telling you, "Where's [name]" was one of the hot items ...[name] They knew her. "Where's [name]?" So Brad, there can be no justification for that. And I you know, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. But that was — and Brad, why did they put the votes in three times? You know, they put 'em in three times.

Raffensperger: Mr. President, they did not put that. We did an audit of that and we proved conclusively that they were not scanned three times.

Trump: Where was everybody else at that late time in the morning? Where was everybody? Where were the Republicans? Where were the security guards? Where were the people that were there just a little while before when everyone ran out of the room. How come we had no security in the room? Why did they run to the bottom of the table? Why do they run there and just open the skirt and rip out the votes? I mean, Brad. And they were sitting there, I think for five hours or something like that, the votes. But they just all happened to run back and go, you know, Brad...

Raffensperger: Mr. President, we'll send you the link from WSB.
Raffensperger accused the President's team of splicing the video of Ruby taking ballots from under the table and jamming them through a tabulator and Raffensperger and Germany deny it ever happening, lying and defaming Rudy Giuliani of splicing the video to make it look that way.

But then Raffensperger and likely Germany spliced the call from President Trump and shared it with far-left outlets like CNN to make it sound like the President was begging Raffensperger to change the election without cause. We found out later that the report Raffensperger leaked was spliced:

retraction washington post spliced call trump raffensburger
© David Shafer/Twitter
It's worse than that. We noted above in our post yesterday that an individual named Carter Jones created a report for Raffensperger describing a timeline of events at the State Farm Arena. The report is attached below:

In the report (p. 8), the author, Carter Jones, shares a picture he shared with Ryan Germany on Election night from the State Farm Arena. In the picture, Jones shows what was going on at the arena and he shared a time-stamped photo showing Ralph Jones, Ruby, and only a few others.
georgia election fraud
© Carter Jones
In the report, Carter Jones points out that votes were being stuffed because the 'scanners are still working'. Jones then shares that Ralph 're-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye."

Carter Jones shared this information on Election Night with attorney Ryan Germany. This showed crimes in that observers were missing. You can see it in the picture. Jones also claims votes were being scanned confirming another crime.

Attorney Ryan Germany obtained this information on Election Night and apparently did nothing with it. He didn't order an investigation. He didn't have people arrested. He didn't note that he received this photo and related information of potential crimes being committed with the President of the United States when he had an opportunity to do so.

It's time that Raffensperger and Ryan Germany are fully investigated for being complicit in potential crimes surrounding the 2020 Election that resulted in them certifying a fraudulent election.

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No surprise: Google slammed for 'force-installing' sneaky Covid-tracking app on Android devices in Massachusetts

google spying
© RT
Over the past week, a growing number of Android users in the state of Massachusetts have accused Google of stealth-installing "spyware" on their devices under the guise of a state government-supported Covid contact-tracing app.

Launched by the state on June 15, MassNotify enables users who have turned on the voluntary 'Covid-19 Exposure Notifications' feature on their devices' settings to be alerted via Bluetooth if they have potentially been exposed to the virus.

After enabling the feature, users can choose the state from which they want to receive alerts, and the respective state's app will be installed on the device. However, dozens of people have claimed that they received the application despite not opting into the feature.



Manufacturing (New Normal) "Reality"

face masks
The ultimate goal of every totalitarian system is to establish complete control over society and every individual within it in order to achieve ideological uniformity and eliminate any and all deviation from it. This goal can never be achieved, of course, but it is the raison d'être of all totalitarian systems, regardless of what forms they take and ideologies they espouse. You can dress totalitarianism up in Hugo Boss-designed Nazi uniforms, Mao suits, or medical-looking face masks, its core desire remains the same: to remake the world in its paranoid image ... to replace reality with its own "reality."

We are right in the middle of this process currently, which is why everything feels so batshit crazy. The global capitalist ruling classes are implementing a new official ideology, in other words, a new "reality." That's what an official ideology is. It's more than just a set of beliefs. Anyone can have any beliefs they want. Your personal beliefs do not constitute "reality." In order to make your beliefs "reality," you need to have the power to impose them on society. You need the power of the police, the military, the media, scientific "experts," academia, the culture industry, the entire ideology-manufacturing machine.

There is nothing subtle about this process. Decommissioning one "reality" and replacing it with another is a brutal business. Societies grow accustomed to their "realities." We do not surrender them willingly or easily. Normally, what's required to get us to do so is a crisis, a war, a state of emergency, or ... you know, a deadly global pandemic.

Comment: See also: Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Totalitarian Cult of Woke