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Mon, 25 Sep 2017
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Puppet Masters


Terrorists continue to evacuate Deir Ezzur, Raqqa provinces under Syrian Army attack

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in Eastern Deir Ezzur and the Southern part of Raqqa province, imposing control over the regions of al-Jaber, Qisiyeh, Tishrin 6, Maqlat Saqireh, Qanem Ali, Hardaneh, al-Naserah, Namisiyeh, al-Ramah, Jabileh, Tal Qanem and Wadi Abu Souseh.

The ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attacks.

Local sources confirmed on Saturday that the ISIL executed one of its own senior commanders on unknown charges in Deir Ezzur province as the Syrian Army troops continue advancing in the province, adding that a number of terrorist commanders have also escaped the battlefield.


North Korea's 'sick burns': Pyongyang heckles warmongering US

© Damir Sagolj / Reuters
Raging Kim Jong-un spat a stream of insults at Donald trump last night - calling him a "mentally deranged dotard" and a "rogue and a gangster".

But the North Korean dictator's colourful insults are just the latest in a long line of outright bizarre political put-downs thrown out by the brutal regime.

State mouthpiece KCNA has been dealing out hits against US and international politicians for years, perfecting a style that's veered from jaw-dropping to shockingly racist.


Rohingya crisis: Kadyrov in Chechnya vs. Soros in Myanmar

© Unknown
Let's start with a hypothetical scenario.

A supra-national intergovernmental criminal organization called the Deep State runs a militarized intelligence agency called the CIA. They make money the way street thugs do. Only instead of ambushing individuals, they attack, ambush, rape, pillage and loot entire countries. Their ambush operations against any doomed nation always camouflaged as the civil rights movement and always starts with an arrival of a private charitable foundation named after George Soros.

Now, imagine that someone invented a powerful antidote to this systemic socioeconomic virus. Imagine that someone created a private charitable foundation. let's say this foundation is named the Akhmad Kadyrov Foundation.

Ramzan Kadyrov established a charity in his father's name in 2008. Since its interception, the Akhmad Kadyrov Foundation delivered tens of thousands tons of food and medicine supplies to the Muslim nations affected by national disasters and wars in Africa and in the Middle East. The Foundation has also delivered humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Lugansk republics and to the areas of Russia affected by floods and wildfires. This foundation delivers tons of food, medicine and other help to some most desperate and abandoned people whom no one else dares to help. because they are being used as a bait by the Deep State to create social chaos and unrest in the targeted country.

Comment: The Rohingya 'Crisis': U.S. Legacy and Current Policy in Southeast Asia


Iraq wants nuclear power - U.S. war on Iran just got more difficult

Iraq is today, little more than an aspiring Islamic Republic on the Iranian model. The only reason for this is the US war on Iraq in 2003.

While much of Ibrahim al-Jaafari's speech to the UN dealt with Iraq's recent successes and long term political strategy to combat Salafist terrorism, the Iraqi Foreign Minister's most important remark made during his address to the UN General Assembly was that Iraq seeks to exercise its legal option to create nuclear energy facilities.

Comment: Jafari's brief remark: "Iraq calls for assistance from nuclear countries to build a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes in Iraq to acquire the nuclear technology."

This is not the first time Iraq has sought to being producing its own nuclear energy. Beginning in 1979, French nuclear scientists began building a nuclear reactors near Baghdad called Tammuz 1 and 2. The reactors are also referred to by their French name Osirak.

In spite of guarantees from the French scientists that the reactors were incapable of weapons grade enrichment, Israel resorted to numerous illegal measures to stop the project from being successfully competed. This included a state-sponsored assassination of a scientist in Paris. In 1980, agents of Israel's secret intelligence service, Mossad, killed Yahya El Mashad, an Egyptian national in his hotel room due to his role in the Iraqi nuclear energy programme.


Syria used newly arrived advanced military tanks, vehicles from Russia for battle of Deir ez-Zor

The Syrian Army had received a large consignment of modern Russian-made tanks and military vehicles last month and utilized them in the recent anti-ISIL operation to cross the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province, a Russian media outlet reported on Sunday.

The Arabic-language website of Russia's state news agency, Sputnik, reported that a large consignment, including Russian-made T-62 tanks and BRM-1K military vehicles was delivered to the Syrian army via the Tartus port in August, adding that the newly-arrived tanks and military vehicles assisted the Syrian soldiers to have an easier and fasters move while crossing the Euphrates River to hit ISIL's defense lines on the Eastern bank of the river.

The BRM-1K military vehicle in designed to carry out reconnaissance operation in the battlefield and the T-62 tanks are equipped with 115mm cannons.

Alarm Clock

U.S. acknowledges unprecedented "face-to-face" military meeting with Russia over Syria - Russians will retaliate against any SDF provocation

The moment the first Russian jet landed in Syria at the invitation of the Assad government in 2015, Putin placed himself in the driver's seat concerning the international proxy war in the Levant. From a strategic standpoint the armed opposition stood no chance of ever tipping the scales against Damascus from that moment onward. And though US relations with Russia became more belligerent and tense partly as a result of that intervention, it meant that Russia would set the terms of how the war would ultimately wind down.

Russia's diplomatic and strategic victory in the Middle East was made clear this week as news broke of "secret" and unprecedented US-Russia face to face talks on Syria. The Russians reportedly issued a stern warning to the US military, saying that it will respond in force should the Syrian Army or Russian assets come under fire by US proxies.

Bad Guys

Washington Post editors slam own paper's "puff piece" story on Awan investigation; "embarrassing" cover for Dems

© True Pudint
There is infighting among editorial hierarchy at The Washington Post about it's only "in-depth" story about the expanding Imran Awan and Hina Alvi investigation, according to sources.

The story was apparently put together with the cooperation of Awan's lawyer Chris Gowen and sweeping legal team. No FBI sources are quoted in a story dealing with a federal investigation. And more than one news veteran at the Post agreed the end result was a "puff piece" that stinks like a cheap press release written by a first-year Congressional flak.

"I don't care if the guy is guilty or not," said one Post editor. "But let's tell the story, the entire story based on what the public already knows. We didn't do that. I think we tried to create another story.
"It's a goddam embarrassment."

Oh, we forgot to mention Awan's attorney is a long-time campaigner for former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


US, militant forces destroy key American base in retreat

© Qalaatalmudiq
Abandoned and destroyed.
A key American military base in Syria's southwestern desert region has been destroyed by withdrawing United States and Coalition-backed Free Syrian Army forces.

The installation in question is the Zakaf Base which was established earlier this year in southeastern Homs near the Iraqi border.

The Zakaf Base served as a secondary Coalition garrison to the more important al-Tanf Base further west of it. Here the Coalition trained Free Syrian Army mercenaries and oversaw their operations in southwestern Syria.

According to reports, neither the United States nor the Free Syrian Army plans to use the Zakaf Base anymore and in the process of abandoning it have also chosen to destroy it in order to prevent the garrison's utilization by any other armed party.

The official reason for the withdrawal of American and Free Syrian Army forces has not been stated, although it is likely linked to a recent agreement been the US, Russia and Jordan that will eventually see the full withdraw of Coalition troops from southern Syria and, in theory, the surrender of militant-held areas in the region to the Syrian Arab Army.

Comment: Concrete proof the US coalition is departing? Guarded optimism required.


Military source tells Sputnik U.S. ready to leave al-Tanf in Syria

© AP Photo/ Hammurabi's Justice News
The US is ready to leave Syria's al-Tanf, where the US-led coalition is currently located, but it has not outlined any timeframes, a military-diplomatic source told Sputnik.

"They say that they will [leave At Tanf], but we do not know when," the source said.

On June 8, the US-led coalition bombed pro-Damascus forces near al-Tanf in the area of a deconfliction zone following an alleged attack by a combat drone resulting in no coalition forces' casualties.

Comment: Al-Tanf has become pretty much useless to the Americans after the Syrian army cut it off by liberating the country's borders to both sides of the base there. It was only ever a rebel stronghold that could potentially be used as a springboard for occupying the east of the country. See also: Syrian rebel defector from At-Tanf says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS


Syrian FM blasts US, Turkey, Israel in proclamation against terror and empire at UN, praises Russia and Iran

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic, Walid Al-Muallem has addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in a powerful and defiant speech which lacerated the enemies of Syria while praising the will, determination and dignity of the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army.

Walid Al-Muallem began by stating that in the present conflict ridden world, there is a standoff between two forces. The first force seeks to dominate the world and re-establish a unipolar order which fuels chaos and war while violating international humanitarian laws. This is a clear reference to the United States and its allies.

Opposed to this are forces which work to create a more "balanced, just and secure world," one which respects the sovereignty of states and the self-determination of peoples. This appears to be a reference to Syria's allies including Russia, Iran and China.

He stated that while many people throughout the world continue to suffer due to the policies of "certain countries", that no country has suffered more than Syria.