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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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Sun's giant 'heart' sunspot

© NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory
The sun has a giant heart-shaped sunspot called Active Region 2529 that is currently facing Earth, as seen in this image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
The sun gives us life, and it might even love us, too.

A huge, heart-shaped sunspot known as active region (AR) 2529 has rotated around to face Earth. AR 2529 is currently several times larger than our planet — big enough to be spotted by amateur astronomers here on Earth.

Quenelle - Golden

Jonathan Pie News Report: 'How Big Business is voting in Britain's EU referendum'

Jonathan Pie's latest episode focuses on big business and he asks how they sleep at night in "comfy mattresses stuffed with my taxes, probably".

Mr. Potato

Stranger than fiction: "Idiocracy" screenwriter says Trump has made the movie reality

Early in the 2016 primary race, comedy screenwriter Etan Cohen began to notice some similarities between the Republican candidate, mendacious former reality star Donald Trump, and Cohen's 2006 movie Idiocracy, which features fictional wrestling champ-turned-president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (Terry Crews). Ever since, those similarities have only grown, leading to Cohen and Mike Judge, who wrote and also directed Idiocracy, now working on a series of anti-Trump ads with Crews reprising his role.

The 2006 satire shows a semi-distant future in which the world has been overrun by dummies and, as a result, is falling apart. At first, the parallels to the real primary race were "just a general lizard brain kind of thing: The presidency is all about entertainment value," Cohen, who also directed and wrote the 2015 comedy Get Hard and co-wrote the 2008 hit comedy Tropic Thunder, told BuzzFeed News over the phone. "Then it started to get, as the year went on, weirdly specific. People pointing out things like, 'Oh, Camacho was a wrestler and Trump was a wrestler.' ... It's like, the more things go on, the more it actually seems to be kind of merging in a very specific, eerie way."

Mr. Potato

Extreme adrenaline junkie stages wingsuit flight over active volcano (VIDEO)

© GoPro / YouTube
Veteran base jumper and model Roberta Mancino has attempted her most daring wingsuit flight yet - over an active magma-bubbling volcano.

Mancino trained for years before embarking on the risky mission that saw her leap out of a helicopter at 15,000 ft and zip through sulfur-infused smoke billowing from one of Chile's most active volcanoes, Villarrica.


Psychopath or comic genius Tony Blair may not go to jail, but he's definitely going to hell! (VIDEO)

© n/a
Henry Kissenger and Tony Blair, culpable in war crimes that killed hundreds of thousands, from Cambodia to Iraq.
Remember Tony Blair? "He's like a gag reflex" says Jonathan Pie. "He may not go to prison but he's definitely going to hell." As usual, Pie nails it, pulling no punches. Blair is responsible for more than 500,000 deaths. Yet, lying psychopath that he is, he has the gall to call Corbyn "dangerous".


More popular than a politician despite punching people in the face for a living

© NewsThump

A man who literally spent his career punching people in the face is still more popular than any politician you care to mention, according to sources this morning.

After the death of Muhammed Ali at the age of 74 was announced, everyone agreed that he seemed like a lovely man, despite all the punching stuff.

Fan Simon Williams told us, "People might say he pursued a life filled with violence and pain, but I would say that at least he didn't enjoy inflicting it as much as George Osborne or Iain Duncan Smith.

"It's because if Ali was trying to hurt you, he did so with a gloved fist right in front of your face, not through punitive tax and benefit policies decided behind closed doors two-hundred miles away.

"When Ali knocked you down he did so elegantly, with finesse and skill, whereas these politicians do it with all the grace of a rhino charging through a dole office.

"Only one of them was happy to admit that putting you on your arse was their stated aim, while the other tried to make it sound like leaving you on the floor was actually 'helping' you and completely necessary for the rest of us to remain standing.

"Ali was one of a kind; it's a shame we never got to see him punch his way through the cabinet.


Trump supporters angered by baffling array of long words from Stephen Hawking

© The New Yorker
Stephen Hawking.
London—The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking angered supporters of Donald J. Trump on Monday by responding to a question about the billionaire with a baffling array of long words.

Speaking to a television interviewer in London, Hawking called Trump "a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator," a statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them.

Moments after Hawking made the remark, Google reported a sharp increase in searches for the terms "demagogue," "denominator," and "Stephen Hawking."

"For a so-called genius, this was an epic fail," Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said. "If Professor Hawking wants to do some damage, maybe he should try talking in English next time."

Later in the day, Hawking attempted to clarify his remark about the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, telling a reporter, "Trump bad man. Real bad man."


Vote for Killary or Drumpf? Extinction via asteroid impact suddenly doesn't sound so bad

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been a rough one for America.

In the same way Facebook and Twitter revealed to you how many of your relatives enjoy racist humor, this election has shown that American politics is rapidly devolving into a party-controlled reality television show.

I just hope we don't get canceled.

There is still a part of me that thinks that Barack Obama is orchestrating both party primaries in order to get Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on November's ballot. I'm sure Obama thinks when Americans learn more about their choices, they will immediately repeal the 22nd Amendment and make him King for Life.

Of course the real competition in 2016 doesn't include Trump, Clinton or Obama.

There are two lesser known candidates seeking support who won't want to be named King for Life. If one of them wins, it will mean the end to all life on the planet.


Chewbacca mask mom is a viral video superstar

Chewbacca mask mom, Candace Payne.
Chew-HA HA HA.

Dallas-area mom, Candace Payne, has had the Internet in absolute hysterics with more than a whopping 135 million views on her Facebook live video simply trying on a Chewbacca toy mask in a parking lot. Her self-proclaimed birthday gift to herself has turned into a gift for the entire world after her infectious laugh went insanely viral as the most-viewed Facebook live video ever.

But now "Good Morning America" is learning the back story as to how Payne stumbled upon the now famous mask in the store, which she didn't intentionally seek out.


That awkward moment when eyeglasses left on the floor of a museum becomes art

Art is subjective, but still, this is just ridiculous.
When a 17-year-old soon-to-be college student named TJ Khayatan decided to check out some art at the Francisco Museum of Modern Art, he quickly realized a lot of stuff isn't exactly what most people would call "art".