kamala harris satire
© The Babylon Bee"I am NOT a diversity hire!"
Democrats have responded in outrage as the Vice President chosen solely because of her race and gender has been labeled a "diversity hire."

"How dare they!" decried Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. "To say that a woman we publicly chose because of her race was chosen because of her race is an absolute disgrace."

After announcing in 2020 that Biden would choose a running mate based on race and gender, Democrats have been infuriated by pundits pointing out that Kamala Harris could become President because of her race and gender. "It is demeaning and bigoted," said Representative Tammy Baldwin. "Only a terrible racist would openly declare that you have to have the right skin color to get the job. And how misogynistic to straight up announce that a Vice President would be chosen because she's a woman! It's disgusting is what it is."

According to sources, the media have been befuddled by Democrats's anger over their repeating Democrat talking points. "They usually love it when we repeat their talking points," said MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough. "It's literally what the Democratic Party said when they chose Kamala. I'm... sorry?"

At publishing time, the Democratic Party had again responded in outrage as polls showed that the woman who cackled at tragedies was "less likable than that Vice President who shot someone in the face."