Tara Reade
© Sputnik / Aleksey NikolskyiTara Reade, writer, publicist, and former assistant to Joe Biden.
The underlying reason for Russophobia in the US is completely monetary and intended to benefit the elite political class, RT contributor and former aide to President Joe Biden Tara Reade suggested during a panel discussion at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday.

Speaking during a panel hosted by RT, titled 'The Empire of Evil: Has the West Successfully Demonized Russia?' Reade suggested that Russophobia is "completely manufactured" by the Obama and Biden administrations, as well as the Republican Party and the military industrial complex.

The whistleblower, who currently lives in Russia, argued that the entire US system has been "overtaken by the intelligence community, by the military, and companies such BlackRock, Raytheon, and LockHeed."

"There is no esoteric reason for Russophobia in the US, its monetary, its economic, it's done purposefully," Reade claimed, noting that the average American doesn't know much about Russia.

As one example, she recalled her former boss Leon Panetta, who previously served as the head of the CIA. "Now he sits on the board of Raytheon. Yet you'll see him on MSNBC trying to talk about why we should have more weapons going to Ukraine. Well, of course he wants more weapons, because he's personally profiting.

"The politicians in the US that should be serving the people are serving their pocketbooks and the corruption is off the roof," Reade suggested, adding that the Biden "regime" is now moving towards "fascism and a police state" in which people are losing their freedoms.

In 2020, Reade publicly accused Biden of having subjected her to a "violent sexual assault" on the Capitol grounds in 1993. She was working on the Democratic senator's team at the time.