Wild video shows a loose bull attacking a woman in a horrific attack as panicked onlookers scream in horror, a terrifying new video shows.
A wild and violent bull that was loose on a popular Mexican beach attacked a woman several times as panicked onlookers screamed in horror, a terrifying new video shows.

The heart-stopping video, which was shot Saturday at Cabo San Lucas, shows the black beast charging and ramming the woman more than six times after she tries to snatch her bags away from the animal. Cabo San Lucas is a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula and is popular among tourists.

The video first shows the black beast under a canopy with the woman who appears to be feeding the horned animal food from a bag and then from a silver bowl.

Dressed in a loose dress and beach hat, the woman appears unperturbed by the dangers the incredibly strong bovine possesses. Bulls can weigh well over 2,000 pounds depending on the breed and are well known to be aggressive.

In the next clip, the bull can be seen trotting away from the canopy after spotting several bags belonging to the woman.

She then goes face to face with the beast in an attempt to retrieve the bags as one man shouts, "You are really playing with it right now."

"Please don't do that, please," the onlooker screams.

"Please get away," he yells as the bull devours the contents of the bags. Another beachgoer can be heard calling the woman a "moron" as she refuses to get to safety.

As the crowd continues to warn the woman away from the bull, the unidentified woman drops her hands and turns her back on the predator as if she was giving up on her mission to recover the bags.

That's when the bull sees red, lowering its head and charging at the woman, ramming its head into the side of her and causing her to fall onto the sand, the video shows.

She gets up, but the bull charges again and seemingly strikes her in the face with one of its horns, causing her to crumble to the sand again.

The woman then finds herself on her knees with her back to the bull, which plows into her again, pushing her forward as others on the beach look on with terror.

"We tried to f---ing tell you," the man shouts as the bull continues its onslaught, ramming the woman several more times across the sand.

Another woman, who appears to be in the same party, then comes to her aid and tries to throw a bucket of water at the bull, who eventually moves away.

Despite the shocking attack, the woman quickly gets to her feet and walks away. It is unclear what injuries she suffered.

The beach is close to several ranches which makes close encounters with livestock a common occurrence in the area, Torres García, an official with the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, told local outlet El Sudcaliforniano.

He said that it is also common to see donkeys wandering around the area and tourists are known to try and feed them.

"However, we make the recommendation that they do not do so in order to prevent a situation similar to that of the bull attack from happening because a donkey can bite a person," García said.