Children were amazed to see the giant fish washed up
© Jam PressChildren were amazed to see the giant fish washed up
A deep sea oarfish, which is said to predict natural disasters, has appeared washed up on a beach.

Children were astonished to discover the creature and held up the giant fish. It was then stretched out on the sand on a straight piece of tree bark while local people captured images of it on their phones.

A group of local people are said to have eaten the large fish during a beach feast after the sea creature washed up near Huế City in Vietnam. The creature, however, is often called the 'harbinger of natural disasters'

One local said: "One of the best-known legends is that the sighting of an oarfish portends natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and tsunamis." Daniel said: "There will be a cataclysm then." And Gustavo wrote: "An earthquake is coming!"

Because of their size and shape, oarfish resemble 'sea serpents' and are considered to be predictors of earthquakes and misfortune in mythology. They are considered to be one of the longest fish in the ocean and can measure up to 55 feet in length and weigh over 440 lbs.

Their ability to adapt to different temperatures, means oarfish are found in most of the world's oceans with the exception of the poles. The creatures are known to live at depths of between 200 and 1,000 metres (656 and 3,280 feet) and sightings are not very common.

But sometimes they wash up on beaches after a storm or when they suffer a serious injury. It is often said they appear as a sign that a natural disaster is about to strike. Scientific studies, however, have shown there are no valid claims in the legend. The appearance of the fish, nevertheless, is often seen as an omen by some populations.

The Mirror reported in March how an oarfish had washed up on a beach in Mexico in front of holidaymakers. Spotted by tourists it looked like it was barely moving in the shallow water. As it arrived on the shoreline, curious onlookers crowded around the strange fish. Moments later, the oarfish was then seen stretched out on the sand after apparently dying in front of the holidaymakers.

The deep-water fish was spotted on Stone Island in Sinaloa State, Mexico in March, but, it is not known if the group called the authorities to remove the beast's large carcass.