A green fireball shot across the sky on Saturday night dazzling those who caught a glimpse of it.

One B.C. man captured the flaming ball on his dash camera while driving home along 36 Avenue in Langley, just after 11 p.m.

"It was very large, as opposed to seeing a meteor shower when all the objects are very small," says Brody, who only gave his first name, and noted he was with two other friends at the time.

He says he was surprised by how big and bright it was.

"My reaction was just 'wow'," he says. "The three of us who saw it all reacted because it was just not something that you see on a regular basis."

Brody posted the video to Reddit to see if anyone else saw it and to get more information about the sighting.

UBC physics and astronomy associate professor Aaron Boley did not witness the fireball but did hear about it.

"By the accounts that I can find, witnesses saw a fireball event, which is a bright meteor caused by a meteoroid that was probably in the tens of centimetre range," he explains.

People also took note of its colour.

"Witnesses are also describing a green colour, which, while less common, is normal for some fireballs, and may indicate a relatively large fraction of nickel," he says.

Boley explains how fireballs are a normal occurrence, but more rare than the typical meteor.