Flood rescue in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador,
© Joint Command of the Armed Forces of EcuadorFlood rescue in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador, 04 June 2023.
Severe flooding has left a profound impact on Esmeraldas Province in Ecuador, affecting numerous communities in the cantons of Esmeraldas, Atacames, Quinindé, and Muisne.

According to disaster authorities, over 11,000 people have been affected by the recent flooding, prompting extensive rescue efforts involving boats and helicopters. Thankfully, no fatalities or missing persons have been reported.

Esmeraldas Canton, in particular, has been severely hit, with vast areas submerged under water. As a result, approximately 2,395 homes have been damaged, leaving around 10,000 people directly affected. The devastation has also extended to other vital structures, including a prison and several schools.

In Atacames Canton, flooding has resulted in damage to four schools and 300 homes, impacting approximately 1,200 individuals. Similarly, in Quinindé Canton, 150 homes have been damaged, affecting 350 people. Muisne Canton has experienced damage to 50 homes, impacting around 200 residents. Four houses have been completely destroyed, leaving 16 individuals homeless.

A period of heavy rainfall between 03 and 04 June caused the overflow of six rivers in the affected regions. In Atacames Canton, the Súa and Tonchigüe rivers breached their banks, while in Esmeraldas Canton, the Teaone River caused significant flooding. In Quinindé Canton, the Cube, Viche, and Blanco rivers also overflowed.

Disaster authorities reveal that heavy rainfall has contributed to a total of 2,322 dangerous events reported since 01 January of this year. These events have resulted in 36 fatalities, with 174 homes completely destroyed and an additional 21,674 homes suffering damage.