The intensive rains in North-West Bulgaria caused severe damage in the region. Several important roads and some villages were flooded, reported bTV and Nova TV.

People from the Mezdra village of Rebarkovo are without water and electricity. In addition to the water supply network, the only road from the "Botulinovets" district to the village was also destroyed. Which makes the locals' only connection to the world a narrow grassy pathway.

The situation in the village of Lyutidol is calm, as water and electricity have been restored, but some parts of the village remain without water.

"We don't have access to our properties, we don't have any electricity or water," said residents of the village to Nova TV. According to them, this is not a natural disaster, but the floods are due to an uncleared riverbed, because of which they cannot reach their houses without some sort of problems.

The mayor of Rebarkovo pointed out that the road had to be rebuilt first, and then the electricity had to be restored.