A sinkhole swallowed a car in Brooklyn Park Friday afternoon after a nearby water main break caused the ground to collapse.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department said they were notified around 3 p.m. of a water main break at the intersection of 79th Avenue and Shingle Creek Drive. Callers reported that the road was flooding and the asphalt was breaking up. Soon after, a sinkhole had formed and swallowed a vehicle.

Police spoke with the driver, who said they were stopped at the stop sign when the front end of their car began to sink. The driver was able to get out of the car before it fell into the hole. The driver was not injured, according to police.

Brooklyn Park Operations & Maintenance personnel responded to shut off the water, which affected some homes in the neighborhood.

The intersection will be closed to all traffic for 24-48 hours while the water main is repaired and the road is restored.