daycare worker toddler horror mask

The daycare worker terrorized the group of children, all who are believed to be younger than five years old due to their daycare status
Several workers at a Mississippi daycare are under fire after video shows them using a terrifying Halloween mask to torture children who were 'bad.'

The videos surfaced earlier this week on social media, showing several workers attempting to scare children into better behavior in a 'hideous' act upon innocent kids.

One of the videos shared widely online show one daycare worker telling the woman in the mask to avoid certain toddlers who have 'been good,' saying 'don't get her.'

The video that goes on for more than two minutes shows the woman at one point lean over to one child who was 'bad' and ask 'are you being bad? Do I need to take you outside?'

The child, visibly upset and attempting to hide his face from the woman in the mask, cries out 'no' and shakes his head at her question.

Despite his response, the woman screams directly into the young boy's face before yelling 'you better be good.'

The daycare worker then switches classrooms as kids in the first room continue to cry, telling the second group of children 'y'all better be ready.'

At least three children can be seen then attempting to hide behind an shelving unit as the woman pounds on the door.

As she enters the room, all three children begin screaming out and crying. She approaches the children and then proceeds to chase one who is crying and running away.

After ordering the children to 'clean up,' she screams at the children, prompting their sobs to become audibly louder.

In another video, this one just 25 seconds, the daycare worker behind the mask screams at a table of children who appear to be eating lunch.

The woman screams directly into one little girl's face, causing the child to jump and shudder in terror.

She walks away and then returns to the young girl, once again screaming, before making her way around the table.

Another video shows one child covering their ears as the woman screams, and another crying out 'mama' as the worker continues to terrorize the group.

A daycare worker who claims to have filmed the videos shared a long response on Facebook Thursday, saying she recorded the incidents not because she thought it was funny, but because she was trying to show parents her coworkers' actions.

Jennifer Kayla Newman said on Facebook that she wasn't planning to make a statement initially, but due to the video going viral, she felt the need to speak up.

'A couple of weeks ago some girls at the daycare bought Halloween masks to scare the kids, they did it and I never got it on video,' she said.
daycare worker toddler horror mask

One terrified little girl jumped backwards after the woman screamed directly into her face
The daycare worker went on to claim that her idea to record came from previous 'slaps on the wrist' that were given to her coworkers over issues she brought up to the owners without proof.

'When I heard she was going to do it again, I recorded to get the proof and then the video was sent to parents to show them how their child was being treated,' the woman wrote.

'I did not video this for sh**s and giggles. It was not funny to me. I did not get amusement out of this. The one screaming in the kids faces is NOT me. The one standing next to the girl screaming is NOT me. That laughing in the video is NOT me,' Newman said on Facebook.

She also said that calling the cops 'wouldn't have done any good' without proof and that the cameras inside the daycare do not work.

This is what prompted her to take action of her own.

'I have nothing to hide. I did what I thought I was best in that moment. MAYBE, I didn't handle it 100 percent how I should have, but my intentions were good,' Newman said Thursday.

The daycare worker went on to even say that those shaming her for recording it should feel bad 'because if it wasn't for me and another coworker, this probably would have happened tomorrow also.' attempted to reach out to Lil' Blessings Childcare but did not receive a response or statement from officials.

Calls were also placed to law enforcement officials in Monroe County, Mississippi, the county where the daycare is located- but were not returned by the time of publication.

In a statement released on Facebook Thursday, officials said that they are investigating the incident.

'The Monroe County, MS Sheriff's Department is aware of video from the daycare in Hamilton and is working with the county prosecutor to see if there is any possible criminal charges that can be filed, a post said.