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Gina Carano, pictured lower right, is a Secret Service agent that serves as a sort of narrator for the film. At the start of the film she says: 'This isn't a true story, except for all the facts'
Sex with hookers, questionable deals with foreign businessmen, drugs, father-son chats and corruption.

These are all focal plot lines in My Son Hunter, the conservative and very raunchy film based on Hunter Biden's debauched and lurid antics. got a sneak peak at the fictional movie on President Joe Biden's son - with scenes including conversations with Ukrainian firm Burisma, sexual activity with prostitutes, conversations with strippers and use of illicit substances.

Hunter, played by British actor Laurence Fox, is portrayed having sex with prostitutes as he closes a deal with Ukrainian firm Burisma in a scene from the upcoming film. And in another scene breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience he was paid millions of dollars for 'consulting', while in partial view he can be seen engaging in sexual activity with another prostitute.

A theater full of donors, conservative influencers and right-leaning Hollywood figures gathered in a Los Angeles screening room on Wednesday evening for the first official showing of the film, which is available for streaming on September 7. was among those to sneak a first look at the upcoming movie.

The film was a hit with this crowd, with one viewer heard by describing it as, 'Not your mother's conservative movie.'

Much of the film focused on the debauchery of the president's 52-year-old son, but a major focus was exposing the corruption plaguing the Bidens.

'It is full of true stories and dodgy dealing and corruption in some very strange places - the true story is compelling - in this case truth is stranger than fiction and it makes the movie all the more watchable,' producer Phelim McAleer told when asked how much of the movie is rooted in truth.

The script writer Brian Godawa told
'I drew dialogue from actual incidents or documents, transcripts or emails reported in the media as the base language of Hunter and Joe's characters, many of them actual quoted lines. And many of them were taken from Hunter's actual emails from his laptop. I drew from Hunter's eulogy for his brother Beau for his own description of his relationship in the movie.'
He also explained that much of the dialogue was based on memoirs and interviews to help more accurately portray their 'quirks' - such as President Biden's frequently muttered phrase: 'Come on, man.'

One scene set the stage for Hunter's ultimate board seat on Burisma Holdings LLC, a Ukrainian natural gas company, by introducing former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his Minister of Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevsky, who co-founded Burisma.
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Hunter replies: 'Oh goody,' before having a straight to camera moment with: Look, here's the deal. I can remember getting paid some money, but I can't remember what for and I can't remember what we did from it'
After discussing their need to create connections with the U.S. government through then-Vice President Joe Biden in the midst of a regime change, Zlochevsky and his associate are seen discussing with Hunter his role on the board while they all three were having sex with prostitutes.

'I believe that my assistance and consulting with Bursima over matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility will benefit both the economy and the people of Ukraine,' British actor Laurence Fox, depicting Hunter, says while a camera zooms out from his face to show his body thrusting with a woman in front of him.

Gina Carano, who serves a role as a Secret Service agent to Biden who breaks the fourth wall to help narrate the film, comes onto screen during this scene to say: 'Hunter had no experience with Ukraine. He had no experience with the energy sector or with their law.'

'So why do you think Brusima hired him?' she posed to the audience.

'Good job guys,' Fox says as Hunter while the men wrap up their deal and sexual activity.

Another scene showed Hunter taking money from Russians tied to organized crime.

'Look, here's the deal - I can remember getting paid some money, but I can't remember what for and I can't remember what we did from it,' Hunter says in the scene while lounging on a couch.

Out of nowhere, a woman playing a prostitute appears upwards from frame and says: 'Consulting.'

'Yeah, consulting,' Hunter agrees before she dips back down out of frame.

Toward the start of the film there is a near 15-minute party scene where the Hunter character goes from the bathroom doing cocaine, to a strip club where he meets protagonist Kitty and back to the hotel where the drugs, drinking and debauchery continues.

'It felt like something that would be on an HBO Max show,' a conservative speaker attending the screening said during a Q&A with director Robert David.

'It's not a focus on the family film, clearly,' she added.

'Well, it is a focus on the family,' Davi, most famous for his roles in The Goonies and License to Kill, said to laughter from the intimate audience.

The film opens with the line 'this isn't a true story, except for all the facts,' which is spoken by Carano.

The producers, Irish filmmakers and married couple Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, have described the movie as a 'biopic,' which is a type of film that dramatizes the life of a public or historical figure.

'An enormous amount of My Son Hunter is based on true stories and verbatim dialogue taken from recordings or emails,' McAleer told of the film. 'There are whole chunks of dialogue that were uttered by these flawed but compelling human beings.'

'Hunter was very skilled at recording his every vice,' the My Son Hunter producer noted.

He previewed that a lot of the corruption with Ukraine, China and Russia, as well as the 'drug use and debauchery' are told in 'Hunter Biden's own words.'

The film was told through the lens of a leftist activist who strips at night and whose world is thrown for a loop when Hunter becomes a client.

Godawa told
'My goal in writing My Son Hunter was to tell a fictional story about Hunter and a stripper in order to provide a creative portal through which to handle an overwhelming amount of facts about the Biden family corruption.'

'My standard was that even the fictional elements would be based on the real reported lifestyle of Hunter with dancers, prostitutes, drugs and the addictive personality,' he added. 'This movie's stripper may be fictional, but she represents many of Hunter's real life experiences with strippers, even falling in love with some of them, as he does in the movie.'