We weren't far from the snow becoming a distant memory until many woke up this morning with a fresh batch of the white stuff outside their windows.

Some areas in Minnesota got up to 10 inches of snow.

Wind gusts reaching up to 45 miles per hour affected driving conditions east of Moorhead.

Meanwhile, Fargo Public Works made sure they had all their equipment ready. Temperatures hovered around the freezing point, but with warmer temperatures Thursday, Public Works say they will be on the lookout for ice or other hazardous conditions.

"Obviously with this event and the temperatures being warmer than normal, kind of the wild card is how much is gonna be rain, how much is gonna be snow. Here, it didn't seem like we got too much rain and it turned to snow pretty quickly," says the Service Manager of Fargo Public Works Paul Fiechtner.

They prepared when they saw snow was on their radar well in advance and their priority remains the same starting with the busiest roads around the city.

"Anytime we have snow event, our priority roads would be our arterial roads, which are the main wider roads through town. The reason being that's what's being used for emergency services and things like that if there's an emergency. So, we always keep those open, plowed and ready to go," Fiechtner says.

Arterial roads include University Drive, 32nd Avenue South, Main Avenue, 12th Avenue North and 19th Avenue North.

Fiechtner adds they won't be working on residential neighborhoods as the snow is gradually melting due to the warmer temperatures.

"Doesn't look like more snow is coming with this one.," says Fiechtner.

But you never you in this area, a late spring snow isn't unheard of.

Public Works says they started cleaning roads when most of the snowfall came in the morning after three. Much of the snow is melting on its own.