Zelensky Addresses  Oligarchs!
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The clown of Ukrainian Oligarchs and American politicians' sons is wrapping up his transatlantic tour of victimhood and grievance through the sacred halls of empire corruption. The western empire loves a victim with an evil oppressor to paint their animosities upon, especially if he's a white male from Russia.

The clown used all the usual American buzzwords to stroke the neoconservative and neoliberal war mongers of the blood thirsty western hyena war den known as District of Counterglobalwarfareintoperpituity. He gave them the full reach around experience complete with Pearl Harbor and 9/11 references and even threw in a Martin Luther King Dream reference just before they climaxed.

War and death and suffering really gets them off when they're not transferring the next ten generations' of American taxpayer money to the corporate assholes who pay them back millions to get them elected.

The poor janitors of the Congressional hyena auditorium will be cleaning for weeks. The blood that was dripping from their mouths will require all the seats be reupholstered. Of course, they'll just bill the taxpayers again.

For them it was worth it. It was worth every minute of the Clown's performance. They acted like they didn't know him, like he was a stranger in a strange land, like half of them haven't visited him or him them in their hyena dens, on the cocktail circuit, at the cocaine clubs in Miami.

The clown played his role well. He pretended he didn't know his audience. He made it clear that his handlers want more missiles and rockets and toys that will require more thank-you cards from Putin.

The clown put on his happy face by saying the skies should be closed over Ukraine. How noble. How heroic.

He's not only willing to sacrifice a few thousand more Ukrainian civilians, he's willing to turn the entire continent into rubble for the sake of his ego and pride. Both of which are directly connected to the aims of global management who own him and are negotiating a continuation of the war by all means because it is they who need a world war from which nothing will be left standing. Ashes and dust, the perfect conditions from which to 'build back better'.

The latest negotiations were a hysterical farce. They're so hellbent on keeping the war going, Putin could offer them all of Russia on a gold platter with a side of his own head and they'd refuse because they need more bodies, more shelled out buildings, more dead journalists killed by Ukrainian militias to be pinned on evil Russians. Most importantly they need Putin.

A dead or retired villainous enemy is not very useful.

And so the show must go on. The greatest show on earth. The ring leader nothing but a clown with a board of directors working for a third mansion and fourth yacht.

Zelensky The Clown Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of western power elites with bank accounts spread across the usual non-sanctioned Oligarch banking channels of Guernsey, BVIs and Chase Manhattan. The next Panama Papers are really going to be something.

What's the lesson here for Oligarchs?

Not all Oligarchs are created equal on the Oligarch Farm. Some Oligarchs are more equal than others.

Russian Oligarchs must sell their football clubs and will never see their prized mega yachts again. London City Inc. has joined the chat. They're happy to reclaim those Mayfair row houses sold over the past twenty years.

The private boarding schools of blighty have no more use for the sons and daughters of Russian Oligarchs. The Russian speaking sons and daughters of Ukrainian Oligarchs on the other hand can stay.

Ukrainian Oligarchs are different. They enrich the sons of western politicians and help wash USAID money through their energy companies. They're more equal than other Oligarchs.

Apparently this is the present status of Ukrainian Oligarchs on the Western Empire Farm:
  1. Zelensky V.A. - over a billion, parents and relatives of Zelensky and his wife fled abroad. Owns $35 million mansion in Sunny Isles, FL. Plus Yachts.
  2. Poroshenko P.A. - only cash about a billion US dollars was taken abroad. More than two billion dollars is in foreign accounts. The children were taken to the UK.
  3. Kuchma L.D., son-in-law of Kuchma Pinchuk V.M. - more than three billion is on foreign accounts in Italy, the USA and other countries. All relatives and Pinchuk himself fled abroad.
  4. Avakov A.B. - more than two billion dollars in the US and other countries. All relatives were taken abroad.
  5. Ermak A.B. , head of the President's Office - about one billion dollars is in foreign accounts. The family is in the UK.
  6. Timoshenko K.A , deputy. Head of the Office of the President - more than one and a half billion US dollars withdrew to foreign accounts. The family fled to the UK.
  7. Yu. V. Lutsenko , former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, withdrew more than $800 million to foreign accounts. He lives with his family in the UK.
  8. Yatsenyuk A.P. , former Prime Minister of Ukraine - more than two billion dollars are in foreign accounts. Yatsenyuk and his family live in the United States. In Miami alone, he purchased 15 luxury villas.
  9. Akhmetov R.L. , an oligarch - a fortune of about 15 billion US dollars. In 2021 alone, he "earned" $6.5 billion by raising utility tariffs, electricity and energy prices. The funds are located abroad. The family is abroad.
  10. Kolomoisky I.V. and Bogolyubov G.M. , oligarchs - cash, more than six billion US dollars, abroad. Families are abroad.
  11. Korban G.B. , a raider, an oligarch, the main culprit of the Ilovaisky cauldron and the death of thousands of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - withdrew more than one and a half billion dollars to foreign accounts, the family lives in Israel.
  12. The Klitschko brothers (Vitaly and Vladimir) , the oligarchs, withdrew more than two billion US dollars to foreign accounts. Families live in Germany and the USA.
  13. Yaroslavsky A.V. , an oligarch - more than one billion US dollars is in foreign accounts. He and his family are in the UK.
  14. Kosyuk Yu.A. , oligarch, owner of the Mironovsky Khleboprodukt company - brought more than 1.6 billion US dollars abroad. All relatives were taken abroad.
  15. Turchinov A.V. , former i. about. President of Ukraine - more than a billion dollars in foreign accounts. The family fled abroad.
  16. Nalivaichenko V.A. , former chairman of the SBU - more than 500 million US dollars are in foreign accounts. The family lives in the USA.
Now don't take my word for it Good Citizens, I have no idea how accurate that is. It's all according to a commenter on ZeroHedge known as ZackW.

Are you willing to believe a random shit poster on ZeroHedge regarding Ukrainian Oligarchs?

I'll take the word of ZackW, or anyone or anything alive or dead on the side of a highway over anyone in the Corporate-State propaganda media complex.

Have you seen the blood dripping from their mouths lately, begging for World War Three? Have you seen how they goad the demented one's handlers?

"What happens if one blade of grass in Poland is altered by a Russian bomb? I mean it sounds like we won't be bombing the hell out of Russia if Poland is touched, is that what you're saying?"

"Will you send in MiGs under ANY circumstances to help the people of Ukraine?"

"How about a partial no-fly zone so that if Putin breaks it we can have World War Three chyrons on our network screens for the next two years? Please, oh pretty please with a cherry on top?"

This is what the Corporate-State fascists do. They beg for what's coming - more engineered chaos. They manufacture the outcomes they want. Like the pathetic little clown doing his act they all play their part in this western empire war crime circus so that more civilians die and more blood is spilled for western cameras and global management.

This is what pornography looks like to Lindsay Graham and Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. This is what gets them off. War. Death. Destruction. Billions in more weapons to be bought with the tax dollars, mortgaged on the backs of the next ten generations of Americans.

Spreading "freedom" and "democracy" is not cheap. We all have our part to do and our sacrifices to make, even those who are not yet born.

Warning: Barf Bag required for clown speech in front of western hyenas.