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Following the French government's announcement July 12th that all healthcare workers must accept an American-made mRNA jab by end September - and that everyone else would be financially and socially pressured into accepting one too - governments around the world have followed suit, in 'lockstep', it seems, with orders coming from God-knows-where.

In reaction to this draconian move, mass protests have erupted everywhere, with the media either not reporting on them or misreporting their scale.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall take stock of the global upheaval caused by this desperate effort to 'jab everyone now!'

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Show Notes

Israel's new PM on Vaxx Pass
US president on vaccinating... aliens?
US president on... Democrats sucking children's blood?
Paris protest footage
Dublin protest footage
Milan protest footage
Pfizer vaccine efficacy drops to 39%
Northern China flooding footage
Western India flooding footage
Northern Turkey flooding footage