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Christmas message for California Governor Gavin Newsom
Well, we've made it to Christmas.

We don't need to tell you what a portentous year 2020 has been. After two decades tracking 'the news' and warning people that we would all one day wake up to global totalitarianism, this past year has confirmed our analyses of trends in spectacular fashion. World War 3 hysteria following Trump's assassination of a top Iranian official gave way to global panic over a tame 'novel' coronavirus and tyrannical 'lockdowns', and wrapped up at year's end with a flagrantly rigged US presidential election. Interspersed with these momentous events, the 'Powers That Be' sponsored a 'Cultural Revolution' eradicating historical and cultural monuments and symbols, then effectively sanctioned an outbreak of mass rioting in US cities over the phantasm of 'systemic racism'.

Radical Islamic Terrorism, meanwhile, was 'put back on the shelf' throughout the madness, only to be briefly reintroduced through a spate of attacks in France and Austria in October, just as curfews and a second 'lockdown' were introduced simultaneously across the West. Apparently terror of 'The Covid' was wearing off, so a 'booster shot' was administered to optimize compliance and 'immunize' the masses against critical thinking.

All of the above, in the final analysis, amounts to little more than crass weapons of mass distraction, deployed for the purpose of deflecting our attention from the near-Earth objects pinging the planet on an increasingly regular basis, the increasingly extreme weather and seismic phenomena (and likely drivers of future waves of 'climate migration'), and the 'drip-drip-disclosure' all year long about serious US government interest in the UFO phenomenon - tantamount to quasi-official acknowledgment that higher intelligence(s) are indeed meddling in human affairs 'from above and beyond'.

This time last year, we explained that the reason 'Signs of the Times' ( exists is because those who work in media and the information sphere generally don't notice the momentous changes that are taking place to people and planet - and to the extent that they do grok the gravitas of one or another facet of these changes, they don't realize their full significance and why it's important to reflect back to their audiences reality as it is, not as they would wish it to be.

While the media framed Trump's killing of General Soleimani back in January as the work of a madman bent on war, we assessed the drone attack in Baghdad and the 'accidental downing' of a Ukrainian Airlines plane in Tehran and concluded that fears about 'imminent WW3' were unfounded because American and Iranian leadership likely colluded to take out someone they both viewed as dangerous. As Trump said at the time, "I did this to stop a war," presumably one Soleimani was leading Iran into against Israel through Syria. The Israelis, in turn, let both parties know that they were not fooled by the collaboration.

But the gulf between media perception and reality was really brought home to us in the run-up to the first 'lockdowns' in the West in March. While some individual journalists and commentators working in mainstream media could see from the get-go that 'the corona' was not the 'killer plague' the media in general made it out to be, was apparently one of only a handful of news websites taking the editorial line that peoples' fears were unfounded. We calmly analyzed the numbers coming out of China and deduced that the panic and proposed counter-measures were not only completely unnecessary, they would in fact send many thousands of elderly people to their graves.

But 90+% of the population - most 'anti-establishment dissident voices' included - blinked, fell for the lie, boarded the SS Coronavirus and cruised to 'the New Normal'. The farcical and fascistic 'lockdowns' have obviously been devastating to many people - a decent portion of whom have, in fairness, since opened their eyes to the fact that great evil is at work in the halls of power. But most people out there as yet remain docile and willing to accept the 'return of freedoms' in exchange for 'the mark of the beast': mandatory 'gene-editing' vaccines, without which 'no man may buy or sell', travel or gather, vote or marry.

We've been bracing ourselves for years for global totalitarianism, although we could never have imagined that the 'Powers The Be' would use a fake pandemic to usher it in. In a sense, our concern about the possible return of the Black Death or similar plague-like conditions have been trumped by the simulation of such, resulting in us being surrounded by a sea of (actual) conspiracy theorists donning provably ineffective face masks to 'ward off a killer virus' that is only dangerous to the same demographic that is always at risk from similar influenza-like illnesses.

It sounded completely ludicrous back in March when Bill Gates said that this would last until Big Pharma sticks a needle in everyone's arm. Fast-forward to today and it looks like that's indeed how it's going to play out, or so the 'Powers That Be' hope. As horrifying as that proposal sounds to anyone who knows anything about what goes into vaccines, the extent to which their 'Great Reset' plans become reality depends on how much more tyranny society can take before a number of factors the self-appointed public health gods cannot control begin to kick in:
  • The disruption and outright destruction of people's livelihoods and routines is causing people to break down. Systems regulating resource distribution are at serious risk of doing likewise
  • The 'elites' think they can handle civil unrest, but they've never before handled the numbers of angry - and hungry - people that will soon be coming for them
  • Even if they somehow 'balance the books' to keep atomized and government-dependent people reasonably pacified and fed, the chronic mass suffering which they are causing to normal people's innate need to experience life with and through others, will most likely be reflected back to humanity in the form of a major increase in natural disasters.
If the sci-fi movie classics didn't quite 'predict' the full horror of the totalitarian dystopia we've ended up with, then disaster movies don't do justice to the kind of catastrophic world-changing events Nature has done to civilizations that came before ours, and likely has in store in the not-too-distant future.

As powerful as the pathocrats appear to be now, they have most likely already dug their own graves. Catastrophe awaits those who passively follow them, but the future is not set in stone if you see what's going on and actively strengthen your immune system against physical attack and your psyche against lies. On both counts, knowledge is key.

There will likely be many twists and turns in the months and years ahead, so no matter how depressing the situation seems now, don't give up hope, because we don't intend to, and will be right here bringing you the knowledge and analysis necessary to navigate these times with grace, humor and, dare we say, even a little hootin' and hollerin'.

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