The Trump campaign paid millions of dollars for a recount in Wisconsin's Milwaukee and Dane counties.

Recall, Wisconsin suspended counting on election night when President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by approximately 130,000 votes.

Then suddenly a day after Election Day at 3:42 AM, Joe Biden received a dump of 143,379 votes.

President Trump tweeted out the graph showing Wisconsin's time stamped entries and the massive ballot dump shows a huge spike at 3:42 AM on Wednesday, November 4.

Comment: Out of all 8954 ballot dumps captured by the NYT feeds for the entirety of the count nationwide, this batch is the second most statistically anomalous of all of them, next only to the one in Michigan around two hours later that gave Biden a similar number of votes. They weren't even trying to be subtle.

We are now on day 5 of the Wisconsin recount and Milwaukee election commission officials are still not allowing Trump's representatives to see absentee ballot envelopes or ballots.

Last week the Wisconsin Elections Commission argued over what guidelines to give Dane and Milwaukee County election clerks for the state's partial recount.

Republican commissioner Bob Spindell accused the Democrats on the committee of using Covid as an excuse to change election laws.

Comment: That's exactly what they're doing, and it's utterly shameless.

Spindell suggested ballot counting tables be equipped with plexiglass so observers can safely view ballots while adhering to Covid guidelines.

The plexiglass is being used in Dane County, but Trump's representatives are being iced out in Milwaukee County.

Bob Spindell sounded the alarm on Tuesday night and said the Milwaukee County Elections Commission is refusing to let Trump's observers see either absentee ballot envelopes or ballots clearly.

Trump's reps are being forced to sit 8 to 9 feet away from the ballot counters.