Whale removed from Rhode Island Beach

Whale removed from Rhode Island Beach
The carcass of a young minke whale that washed up on a Rhode Island beach is due to be buried on Monday.

The whale washed up Sunday with the high tide at Scarborough State Beach.

The Providence Journal reports biologists with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management identified it as a juvenile northern or common minke whale.

Minke whales can grow to about 35-feet long and weigh up to 10 tons, but the one that landed near the North Pavilion of Scarborough Beach was young and 15-feet long.

DEM spokesman Michael Healey says state and federal investigators are trying to determine what caused the death of the whale.

"We understand that people will be curious and possibly sad about the beaching. Whales are magnificent and it is sad when one dies," Healey said in an email.

Common minke whales have stable populations and are not considered to be threatened, he said.

Park rangers will keep beach goers away from the carcass Monday until it can be buried.

Source: AP