covid-19 1984

A US protester against the lockdown
The use of language - or rather, the misuse of language - remains at the forefront of the media's effort to maintain global public support for the most draconian and widespread curtailment of civil liberties ever implemented.

The most successful lies are always false representations of reality that are based on something true, and they typically appeal to our better instincts. But if you don't read between the lines, the liars win, and you will end up doing the opposite to what you believe you are doing - in this case, protecting the vulnerable and your loved ones.

After it became apparent that COVID-19 broadly afflicts only the very old and very sick, a media blitz followed about tragic cases of COVID-19 in minors and infants. In the following video I analyze some of these reports and show them to be, at best, without foundation - at worst, insidious lies by omission.

If there was ever a lie intended to scare you into conformity, this is it.