Roads closed. Flights cancelled. Several settlements lose electricity.

The regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations extended until the evening of Thursday, March 12, emergency warning of weather danger for almost all settlements in the region.

The cyclone brought with it heavy snowfall and an almost hurricane wind. Service on the Kholmsk-Vanino ferry line connecting Sakhalin and the mainland was disrupted. About two thousand inhabitants of the region were left without electricity. In the south of the island, traffic on several roads is blocked. Canceled flights.

In the Sakhalin region, a cyclone rages. Roads are covered with snow, there is no electricity in several settlements and lessons at schools are canceled.

A storm warning was announced in 11 urban districts. A strong snowstorm and a hurricane were predicted. The cyclone caused transport problems. At Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport, more than 20 flights were canceled and delayed.

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