South Korea snow
© Korea Times
Many parts of South Korea see snowfall during the months of December, January and February. However, this season, snow remained almost absent and very heavy snow was not seen.

However, this Monday was a different one as snowfall pounded many parts of South Korea including the national capital Seoul. This was the heaviest snowfall of this winter season which caused flight cancellations as well as traffic disruptions.

Heavy snow warning was issued for parts of Jeju Island, Gyeonggi Province, Jeolla, Chungcheong. This winter did not see much snow, however record snowfall yesterday was seen in parts including Ulleungdo and Dokdo where snowfall was recorded at 34.8 cm.

Meanwhile, Jeolla provinces and Gangwon Province saw 20 cm of snow with Seoul witnessing 4.1 cm which was a record.

If past statistics are to be seen between December and February 10, only 1.1 cm of snow was seen in Seoul which happened to be the lowest on record. Temperature in Seoul dropped down to -6 degrees Celsius after the snow.

More snow is expected today with Jeolla, Chungcheong likely to see 5-10 cm of snowfall. Mountainous regions of Dokdo, Ulleungdo and Jejudo may see 10-30 cm of snowfall.

Snow and winds accompanied with it resulted in flight disruptions in many parts of South Korea. Motorists have also been warned of icy conditions on the road. Today, temperatures may see a steep drop with Cheorwon observing -14 degrees Celsius, Seoul -8 degrees and Busan -4 degrees. There may be some respite tomorrow.