Garbage dump
© REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko
One man's trash is sometimes that same man's treasure, as a couple in the western Siberian city of Tyumen proved when they accidentally threw out a bag stuffed with money, forcing them to sift through mountains of garbage.

The couple had recently invited their grandmother to move in with them, freeing up her apartment to be sold for a hefty sum which was apparently paid in cold hard rubles. While those involved didn't mention the exact sum they earned in the sale, apartments in the area generally go for around $45,000-$90,000... a pretty serious sum in an area where people make around $26,000 a year on average.

© Reuters/Eduard Korniyenko
If you had tens of thousands of dollars lying around your house, you would probably stash it in the safest place possible... or at the very least, not in an unmarked garbage bag in an area of the house where regular garbage, theoretically, can be found. The same can not be said of the two from Tyumen, who ended up mixing their apartment sale proceeds with discarded food scraps and empty cans.

After realizing what had happened, they rushed over to the bin where they had tossed the bag earlier, only to find that the garbage collectors had already unknowingly carted the money off to the dump.

At, what we imagine, must have been the first press conference held by the foreman of Tyumen's Waste-sorting Facility #3, Viktor Zagidulin told reporters that workers ended up having to sift through 12 tons of garbage in order to find the hidden treasure. Eventually, however, the bag was located, and the couple were reunited with their now rather foul-smelling pile of cash.