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A chubby sea otter doesn't need much help reaching iconic meme status, but Monterey Bay Aquarium tried to help one of its charges along by adding some sassy phrases to a tweet featuring the animal.

To celebrate Abby, a rather substantial sea otter, the aqarium tried to emulate an innocent fat cat meme - but doomed itself by including a few slang words typically used to appreciably describe large black women.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is in California, - and also on Twitter, - so it didn't go well. Cultural appropriation isn't something the woke crowd will let slide - even from a body-positive sea mammal.

A day after posting the original tweet, the aquarium prostrated itself before the internet, apologizing for the "problematic and insensitive" language and inviting everyone to take part in its "learning moment."

Several people appeared genuinely offended,

while others applauded the aquarium's lugubrious mea culpa

Most, however, chided the aquarium for caving to the bullying

...and by that point everyone had forgotten about the otter. ALMOST everyone, that is.