newsreal populism
'The rise of populism' is a horrifying prospect to most of the intelligentsia in cities across the West these days, invoking fears of the imminent implementation of totalitarian systems like Nazi death camps.

At the same time, its opponents, when attempting to seriously analyse the phenomenon, acknowledge that its success is down to new parties and leaders acknowledging (or, at worst, 'pandering to') the general public's mistrust of elites, and their efforts to redress injustices or imbalances.

As such, populism, 'right-wing' or otherwise, surely then invigorates democracy, expanding and enacting the 'democratic will of the people'. Why then are its opponents so vociferously ranged against it?

On this episode of NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the emergent (and increasingly dominant) political theory of the times.

Running Time: 01:23:58

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