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A steady trickle of mainstream punditry about the evils of social media in recent months last week became a flood of criticism, targeting Facebook in particular. High-profile exposés of Anglo-American market research firm Cambridge Analytica had instant impact, kicking off a viral #DeleteFacebook campaign. But the chattering classes loved social media until recently. Why the sudden change of heart?

The Trump Train lost many of its passengers before now, but the US president's signing last week of a gargantuan $1.3 trillion budget that includes no Mexican wall and lots of funding for Democrats' favorite projects has enraged what remained of his base. On the foreign front, Trump finally fired H.R. McMaster... only to replace him with John Bolton. Trump now has a bona fide neo-con National Security Advisor!

The UK government still has zero evidence to support its wild conspiracy theory that the Kremlin poisoned a former Russian spy in southern England earlier this month. In fact, recent developments in this saga only buttress the case that this 'chemical terrorist attack' was a false-flag operation conducted by British security services.

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