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I'm suddenly having a much harder time getting my articles in front of people due to a drastic plummet in the amount of views I'm getting from Facebook. According to my Medium account's statistics, I've gone from receiving many thousands of views from Facebook to just a few hundred over the last week or so, and the reach of my FB page has been slashed to a quarter of what it was in the same amount of time.

This likely has something to do with changes that Facebook has announced it is making in its News Feed algorithm, but it's hard to know exactly to what extent or whether anything else is going on. All I know is far fewer people are seeing me on that site now.

It's impacting everyone in alternative media, though.

caitlin johnstone twitter screenshot facebook censorship
daniel mcadams twitter screenshot facebook censorship
The overwhelming majority of my Medium views have always come from Facebook, but now that that's slashed the majority of them are coming from the Medium email list, which was until now a very distant second. What that tells me is that I'm now getting most of my views from my blogging platform itself, which means I need to start publishing on more blogging platforms.

Which means hi, Steemit!

I'm here at the recommendation of @Suzi3D, and I'm excited to try this platform out and see how it goes. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, I'm an Australian who writes about America, a hardline leftist who is loathed by leftists, and an unabashed feminist who hates Hillary Clinton. I have a very diverse following from far-left to far-right to conspiracy-minded nonpartisans to high-profile political commentators who read me in secret but will never admit it publicly. I often say controversial things and I never apologize for anything.
The Plutocrats Are Pursuing Internet Censorship And They're Barely Even Hiding It #Censorship #FreeSpeech #Facebook #Twitter #Google #NetNeutrality https://t.co/c5yHUu7kB6
I'm going to start sharing my work on a variety of diverse platforms in order to get around the censorship network, which I think all of us alt-media types are going to have to get comfortable with. Any online publications who wish to re-publish my writings are as always welcome to do so without asking, just please credit me and include the hyperlinks I place at the bottom of every article showing readers how to follow and support me. I'll still share my work on Medium and my website as well.

Online censorship has been an agenda of the elites who rule over us for some time now, and their having lost control of the narrative in the 2016 election has made that agenda all the more urgent. We're going to have to stay agile, diverse and creative in order to get around the obstructions they try to throw in our attempts to network and share information with each other, but we can definitely still do it. The old machinations of manipulation and control are no match for the speed and agility of online guerrilla media warfare.

Keep fighting.
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