tomato police beating
An innocent Atlanta man spent multiple days handcuffed to a hospital bed with a broken leg and a severed artery after an Atlanta cop falsely accused him of stealing a tomato that he actually bought. Tyrone Carnegay spent then spent three days in jail. Now, the cop responsible for this gross violation of Carnegay's rights is finally being held accountable.

Former Police Sergeant Trevor King of Stockbridge, Georgia was convicted by a federal jury on Friday of using excessive force on Tyrone Carnegay and breaking two bones in his leg with a baton.

"Law enforcement officers all over the country work tirelessly every day to protect the public from violence," said Acting Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Department. "This defendant violated the law and his oath as a police officer when he unjustifiably beat a man with a baton, breaking the man's leg, because he wrongly believed that the man had stolen a tomato. The Department of Justice will continue to protect all citizens from violations of their constitutional right to safety and security."

The interaction was all caught on a Walmart security camera. However, that didn't stop King from claiming it was all true in his report.

"I was chained to my bed in Grady. They said I assaulted him and obstructed him from doing his job," Carnegay told the local news. None of this was true.

Carnegay explained to WSB-TV that he was walking out of the store after purchasing his groceries when an off-duty Atlanta cop, working security at the store, walked up to him without warning and began beating him.

According to the Department of Justice report, as the victim lay on the Walmart floor bleeding from his injuries, King searched the victim and found a receipt for the tomato in the victim's bag. The receipt showed that the victim paid for the tomato only minutes before King's attack. King then wrote a false report to cover up his unjustified assault. Additionally, King charged the victim with obstructing a shoplifting investigation and with assaulting a police officer.

"He's giving me a verbal command. As he's grabbing me, he's beating me at the same time. 'Get on ground.' Beating me at the same time," Carnegay said.

In the video, we can see Carnegay get struck by the raging cop at least seven times before he is unable to walk.

"My leg started giving out," Carnegay said.

Carnegay didn't resist, obstruct, or assault the officer; he merely tried to protect himself, unsuccessfully, against the cop's unnecessary baton blows.

Carnegay said that the officer never asked for the receipt prior to unleashing his 'robocop' fury. However, after he laid on the ground in handcuffs, his leg broken in two places, and bleeding internally, the cop reached into his pocket and found the receipt - showing he paid for the tomato.

"Somebody could have come up to him and said, 'Excuse me sir, do you have (a) receipt for that tomato?' and he would've shown him the receipt," said attorney Craig Jones. "The officer went into Robocop mode and beat the crap out of him."

"He found the receipt and money, and stood there like he hadn't done nothing," Carnegay said.

Carnegay has since filed a lawsuit over the incident which happened in October 2014. In the lawsuit, he names King, Walmart, as well as the Walmart manager, because he told the officer Carnegay had stolen the tomato just before the beating.

Because of the lying cop, Carnegay was forced to fight the charges for an entire year before they were dropped. Now, hopefully, this officer will get what is coming and do his time in jail. As for Carnegay, however, he walks with a limp thanks to the titanium rod in his leg.

Below is a video, once again, blowing away the fallacy that police only hurt those who break the law. Next time someone says "if you don't want to get beat up by police, don't break the law," show them this article.