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A shocking video recorded by Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, shows that United States aid to Puerto Rico is going to waste and being thrown away in dumpsters before it can reach the millions of island residents afflicted by Hurricane Maria:

Most of Puerto Rico still does not have power, and its inhabitants are struggling with shortages in food, water, and essential supplies. However, yesterday Marin made the shocking discovery that a sizable portion of United States aid to Puerto Rico is going to waste before it ever reaches the hurricane victims.

The video shows countless unopened boxes full of ready-to-eat meals in a dumpster, presumably thrown away by Puerto Rican officials. The video was shot in Patillas, a city on the island's southeastern coast.

This bombshell revelation appears to confirm GotNews' earlier reporting on a Puerto Rican police officer who claimed elected officials, including Carmen Yulin Cruz, the anti-Trump Mayor of San Juan, are deliberately sabotaging hurricane relief efforts for political reasons.

In a call to a New York City Spanish language radio station, the cop claimed the situation in Guaynabo, a suburb of San Juan, "looks like communism.":

She went on to describe the waste, noting how "There are dozens and thousands and thousands of food [boxes] and when people ask, we cannot give anything away because Carmen Yulin says that we cannot take anything out, because everything is a soap opera here - everything is a show."

"Carmen Yulin won't move unless there is a camera behind her," the caller continued. "I need to speak for the people because the people are suffering. Because I, as a cop - along with other police partners - we are seeing it."

This latest video confirms those aforementioned food boxes are being thrown away.

As GotNews previously reported, the FBI is currently looking into public corruption allegations against Puerto Rican officials in light of reports like these.